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I welcome you to my virtual visual home with swirls of text to tantalize, entertain and even inform at times! Feel free to show some love, leave questions or comments below (or anywhere else) if the need hits you! Thank you for taking time to check out  my conceptual real-estate and I hope you stay a while and come often!

In trying to think of what my first post should be I landed on the idea of how this site came about…FINALLY!!!

social_rating_033000 miles and running

I’ve been a graphic designer for about 15 years before I recently decided to pursue the traditional fine art of painting and painting instruction for several reasons. The primary reason was to be closer to my family in Massachusetts and also to have a flexible schedule. Getting from behind a computer, having a fresh start and really doing more of what I want came with the package. Leaving California wasn’t easy but my ¨Cali-Fam¨ made SURE I had a BLAST and left me with the Hustle and enough glow to light up the East Coast! I still dabble in the graphic design world to stay sharp (pay bills), but traditional painting has captivated me for now. So here I am, starting over yet again. The difference, now I have that West Coast Hustle and East Coast Family Love on my side. I’m now the most confident I’ve EVER been. I feel I can’t lose if I conjure up some luck backed with a loving purpose,I know the universe will guide me along to fulfill my present calling.

Lucky #7

The main chunk of fortune was that I transplanted to the #7 ranked city in the nation for most artistic in the United States (see link). That’s all the¨luck¨ I needed. I’m not really into superstition but that was a pretty BIG sign to me that I was in the right place. Something I learned from a mentor/friend in California was simply,¨Luck is when preparation and opportunity meet.¨ Well, I STAY ready. I started with a blank slate knowing nothing about this area (or artistic ranking) and not knowing anyone professionally. What I DID know was that any and all the interactions, meetings, and relationships I would develop would create opportunities. That’s another thing I picked up from my Cali years…the HUSTLE.

Luck is when preparation and opportunity meet.

Happy Accidents

I’ve been bouncing around and I feel I still have more ¨BOING¨ to get around more! So this site will serve to inform those tuned in more about myself, where I am in Life professionally and personally…likely more, since I don’t know where things can go. ¨The sky is the limit” and ¨to infinity and beyond.¨ So, I dedicate this first post to one of the BEST who EVER did it, and someone who impacted my perception of being an artist…with style…the late great Bob Ross (and the notion of “happy accidents.”)

I’m an active member of New Bedford Massachusetts Gallery X. This was in order to get in with the local art community, sell some pieces and make some connections…two out of three is not bad in this scenario. ALL of the work I’ve done and do is directly due to a reference, conversation or suggestion I’ve received from a Gallery X member or at a gallery opening, by being social. From the Comic Book & Cartooning workshop and Artmobile with the New Bedford Art Museum to the Painting With A Splash sessions I do downtown NB (sometimes in Taunton too.), and now this site from the savvy hands at Slocum Design Studio.

It All Comes Together

I was in sunny California where I spent six life changing years before I decided to move here and do something different. While I was ¨recreating myself¨I was challenged to create some art by a close friend Michael Lanni back in Los Angeles. With that, I hunkered down and created the Ambassadors of Peace acrylic painting series of historical figures; Martin Luther King Jr., Mahatma Ghandi, Mother Theresa, John F. Kennedy and Bob Marley. The meaning behind my realistic portrait renderings was to test and use my new artistic voice in response to Obama with Syria. I thought just writing a letter would get lost in the shuffle, but a visual reminder of nonviolence may get noticed. Unfortunately, like many ideas I have I didn’t follow through with the letter. Fortunately, they were the first pieces that hung in a the gallery and got me a bit of attention.




The big lesson I learned from Mr. Ross was that happy accidents can be created if given the proper space to happen. That has worked in art and life for me. I knew I needed to meet people and network while my art was hanging. I had no idea who, but that’s where the fun comes in! Of the kind souls to cross my path while the  was photographer, videographer, Mark Medieros.

In the Place to be

It was an AHA! Night in New Bedford and my pieces were in the Gallery X: New Works Exhibit. Fellow Gallery X member Stephen Fraga and I were collaborating on a painting that evening as we were sitting the gallery. While I was making my pass at the yet untitled piece (Lakshmi on a lotus flower so far) I could see Fraga interested in the gentleman with the high end digital camera, soon they were in deep conversation. My conversation with Mark came after Fraga showed me Mark’s business card which had a logo which I was familiar with as far back as my California days from the WordPress website world. That was the sign I needed to feel the correlation of my preparedness and the opportunity of being in the right place at the right time.

What Mark later shared, months after our meeting, was that he was drawn to my  art and then my story of change. Change in career, location, everything similar to his transition from being known as a photographer to now being a force in website world in WordPress design and branding. Mark offered to help me get my story out and so I figured let me get off my ass and make something REALLY happen! That meeting at the gallery lead to this platform that has been what I feel I’ve needed for some time…a home for my voice. Some would call it chance, some maybe could say luck, I think its all quite deliberate if you spin it the right way. I’m happy living in a world where at ANY time, especially when I think I¨have nothing,¨ I’ve messed up OR that I want to give up, that I can have a “happy accident” swing things back into my favor.


;o) Fitz  #TheBlackBobRoss #TheArtGuy #FastFoodArtist  #NewBedfordArtists


Pay me a visit at the Painting With A Splash studio OR take a painting session with me there! You can also catch me at a Gallery X opening exhibit (I curate at times too), we have them every month. Once the ball is rolling a bit, more content as far as galleries, pricing and rates for painting commissions, illustration, graphic design work will pop up. Also, as I can mention them I’ll post projects I’ve recently completed, from logos and sketches to the paintings I conceive for class samples and exhibits. I look forward to adding the tutorials, free worksheets and whatever else I can throw out there. Want to take it slow…we can be friends on Facebook and please “like” my DigitalHippies Designs Page  as well! Even slower…leave your email (for an upcoming newsletter) and just visit regularly. Thank you for your time!




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  1. Suzy

    what a great website! Congrats on its launch. I wish you much greatness in your career! You’re an inspiration! XO

  2. cary navarro

    My friend you are an amazing artist and an amazing human being. Since we were kids i knew u would be big. As u say the sky is the limit. Go as high as u can i know u will reach as high as u want. Peace and love my friend.

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