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Painting With A Splash! – First Wave – Part I – Fitzcarmel LaMarre

Painting With A Splash! – First Wave – Part I

Confessions of an Acrylic Painting Instructor

Hello, my name is Fitz and I’m a painting instructor, confidence builder, photo bomber and dance partner at Painting With a Splash in the bubbling City of New Bedford, Massachusetts! Working as an artist has its challenges but this new business model came right on time to make my life a little easier. Of the art jobs that I’ve been exposed to this one is the MOST fun and engages my personality more than anything I’ve ever done. I meet new people and make new friends all of the time, while surfing a creative wave into the final product…an original painting of your creation! I also get to drink on the job…how many people can say that?

Now that’s gangsta

2015-02-27 22.23.05(For more party pictures Check the Galleries!)

Not many places have let me be 100% myself. Some came close with the community outreach I was involved in but that was just here and there. I LOOOVED working as a graphic designer but sitting for hours behind a gorgeous 27 inch Macintosh screen and being creative-on-demand were a harsh trade-off, but it was needed to survive in that game. What I realized while on that grind was that I was a people person…I needed PEOPLE!!! One of the “happy people” in a class recently looked at me sincerely and said, “Your were made for this!” How kewl is THAT!!! As I thought of it, she was right! So much of my experience has prepared me for being a professional artist, and not the fluffy type I was (in school) who needed inspiration to get something finished.

The Show MUST Go On

I like being the center of attention as long as I’m not what’s on display. Although I’m up on a stage its really the canvas, paint and brushes that are front and center, putting on the show,..and SHOW it is! It’s amazing what some paint, loud music and some “liquid courage” will do to a room full of strangers. The more inexperienced the BETTER, in my opinion, I enjoy making believers out of those who lack faith in those opening moments; and the experience is what it’s about. Once we start getting those backgrounds in those jitters fade…in most. I’m part artist, part social butterfly, so I enjoy bouncing around budding flowers of creativity! My personality gets in on the action as I give step-by-step instructions, restore confidence, throw out some trivia and be sassy, all little while catching a buzz! IT’S A BLAST!!!

(For more party pictures Check the Galleries!)


art for entertainment

Besides making sure people are having a good time, another part of the job is coming up with samples that are going to catch someone’s attention enough to sign up and have a go at it. My graphic design background comes in handy with this part of the gig. Searching, researching and implementation of iconic imagery in a traditional painting platform involving libations is what we do..but I like to call it ¨fast food art.¨Art is for EVERYONE, so we also offer classes for kids as young as eight years old too! That’s actually where I got my start in the art instructional paint game. I learned quickly through advice and experience to simplify, simplify, simplify.

Searching, researching and implementation of iconic imagery in a traditional painting platform

involving libations is what we do…but I like to call it ¨fast food art.¨


(For more party pictures Check the Galleries!)


mainstream addiction

This type of “art for entertainment” business is a recent mainstream addiction…like scrap-booking and cupcakes! With the wave of popularity, the characters I have around me and some of the behind the scenes fun and drama we have, it would make quite the reality television show! I knew popular culture had truly embraced the “paint party” when I saw it used as a punchline on an hilarious SNL skit with Kevin Hart. As I ask around, there are only one or two degrees of separation between people who know about it. The word seems to be spreading FAST!!! There seems to be opportunity for something BIG with this but for now I’m happy being the eye of a creative storm!


;o) Fitz

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P.S. Feel free to let me know of ANY iconic imagery or scenes you think would work in a session! If your idea is selected and we get enough comments of interest, likes on Facebook (you get the idea) to convince the powers-that-be to get it on the calendar…you’re in for free as my guest!


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