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ArtMoblie 2015…Week Three (Radical Rubbings) – Fitzcarmel LaMarre

ArtMoblie 2015…Week Three (Radical Rubbings)


Keepin’ it movin’

WHAAAT!!! It’s already been three weeks on the creative wagon and we’re a lean mean ART MACHINE!!! This week’s activity of RADICAL RUBBINGS went over WAAAY better than expected! It’s not that I thought it would not go over well, I just didn’t expect the kids to get so involved that I can’t really post the majority of work like the previous activities. This is a PERFECT project for ALL demographics! If you can’t meet us, you can join us…the instructions are SOOO SIMPLE!!!



Like white on rice

Many times this last week we didn’t finish giving the instructions, the youngn’s jumped right in! With an activity this straight forward, I had the kids as a part of the demo to show them how easy it was. As soon as they saw how easy it was, they went for it! We ran through a lot of donated paper with some creative experimentation. that yielded creative landscapes, unique patterns and organic textures, that were both simple to make and inspired more play.

A servant’s job…never done

I have this thing in me that feels good when I serve. I’m what is known as a “giver.” It is in my basic nature to provide a service for the satisfaction of another. Sometimes it’s a challenge because my ego isn’t always on the same page as that serving drive. Once I’m in the swing of things my ego either strolls to the back of my mind OR tries to take credit. I trick it sometimes but that’s another story.  I’m nice like a bully is mean, I feel I’m here to balance the spectrum and prove that being a nice guy is Kewl. With that being said, ego was pretty nitpicky when I was picking up garbage around our sites.


Some local entrepreneurs had some guava and fruit punch frozen cups for sale!

My heart’s answer was, ¨Then, they’ll miss us when we’re gone.¨

To be clear, I was already told I did not have to do it. It was said that the proper park or housing authorities would be notified and would handle it. The basic message was that we might be expected to do it if it becomes a regular issue. My heart’s answer was, ¨Then, they’ll miss us when we’re gone.¨

We work in places that have MANY needs outside of art. If we can be examples for the community AND do our creative part, one day, there may be art (and art programs) in ALL the parks of this lovely City!

Pick it up! Pick it up!

Part of my unspoken, personal artMOBILE responsibilities include creating a mobile, creative oasis in the void. To this day I have yet to see an artist painting at a landfill. I’m not saying it doesn’t exist, its kinda like a black unicorn…I’ve never seen one. I have enough clutter in my head, I don’t need to see it too. If I don’t want to paint or be creative around trash and litter, my guess is neither do the kids. I want to¨Be the Change…”, but also create a standard.


(Our sample board of rubbings)

Ride or die

I have a GREAT copilot too! Danielle is always a HUGE help, I couldn’t do what I do without such selfless support! She is on-point with the getting in there with the kids, snatching up armfuls of supplies to load and unload…especially on the days we need the tent! As much as I enjoy what I do its always a pleasure to work with someone who enjoys the work at the same level. The City of New Bedford continually reveals great people and opportunities. I’ve heard of its reputation back in the day, but these days it’s the place where I’m blossoming into the artists and instructor I’ve always dreamed of…at least recently.


;o) Fitz

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artMOBILE is funded through the assistance from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, Community Development Block Grant Program (CDBG) from the City of New Bedford, Office of Housing and Community Development. Additional funding provided by United Way of New Bedford’s Summer Fund Program, New Bedford Education Foundation, Leonard & Hilda Kaplan Charitable Foundation, Bain Capital Children’s Charity,  the Lodge of St. Andrew, and numerous donors.

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