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ArtMoblie 2015…Week Two (Water Color Whales) – Fitzcarmel LaMarre

ArtMoblie 2015…Week Two (Water Color Whales)

Makin’ it do what it do

Yet another week is in the bag,  The WATER COLOR WHALE lesson Claire put together was a HIT with young and older! I LOVE seeing how art sparks creativity in those willing to be curious enough to try. I’m borderline aggressive with the way I reel in kids and adults…in a nice way.  I think my full adjustment to being in the outdoors is complete too. At the end of the week, there are happy kids AND adults with a little less space on the refrigerator doors…MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! Mother nature was even on our side!

Sea Creature Feature


I kinda noticed when I got here, a little over two years since writing this, that the City of New Bedford has a deep connection with the ocean. It’s quite obvious actually, with all the whales and whaling references and businesses with whales in their logos, this city LOVES the sea! As we would explain the activity and show the references there was almost an urgency with some to get at it! Others took slower approaches figuring out which sea animal they wanted, but EVERYONE was excited to paint! They’ve been asking for it since week one…so we give them what they want! It’s a pleasure to be a part of this creative outlet that has brought all kinds of healing and comfort to my Life.


Like Flap Jacks at Sunday Brunch

I have no fear whatsoever approaching anyone. I use this to target our efforts on just about anyone with kids or anyone hanging around the park. I do it for two reasons: NUMBER ONE, My goal is to create an environment that fosters the free creativity and that is safe. NUMBER TWO, is safety (yes, I know I mentioned it in NUMBER ONE…it’s that important). I will admit I look at this work through kaleidoscopic-colored glasses, but I’m aware of the unsavory elements that hang out, at times, where we create this space. On an occasion I had to pull aside an older kid using foul language and respectfully explain why it’s not appropriate.


Groups of teens and young adults, I invite them too. That’s a tough group to crack. Unfortunately, there IS a time for most people that they are too kewl to create OR they fear what peers will think. Even worse, they forgot what it’s like to be connected to a deeper part of themselves. I try to reach them all like a street preacher kickin’ the Gospel! When you Love something you can’t help but spread the GOOD NEWS!!!

SPF Who?

Last year it took me a bit of time adjusting to being SO active on a daily basis. There were early symptoms of sunburn, then figuring out the sunblock best for me (still working on that), and wrapping my head around what the artMOBILE is suppose to do.  Now, I welcome the extra energy and GREAT nights of sleep due to setting up, breaking down and chasing the creative dragon with kids! I bought a hat too! The top of my head was a portion of where the sunburn symptoms began.

Our biggest threat is Mother Nature raining on our parade…but she was willing to hold back until we were done (this week)! We only have a few indoor sites, but since most of our kids are on bike OR foot, it’s less likely they will leave the house if it even drizzles. It’s a week till we come back around, since we hit each location once a week.

No Shame in My Game

This year, I’m on a MISSION!!! I have a vision for what the artMOBILE can expand into for the community by what I seeing our impact on community. I can admit it, I’m grown, I’m a bit jealous of the BookMobile! I see it riding around all year…THAT’S WHAT I’M LOOKING FOR!!! The need is there. With enough attention to what we are doing, I know MORE funding will be made available to do MORE for the areas we hit!


;o) Fitz

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artMOBILE is funded through the assistance from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, Community Development Block Grant Program (CDBG) from the City of New Bedford, Office of Housing and Community Development. Additional funding provided by United Way of New Bedford’s Summer Fund Program, New Bedford Education Foundation, Leonard & Hilda Kaplan Charitable Foundation, Bain Capital Children’s Charity,  the Lodge of St. Andrew, and numerous donors.DSC_0178

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