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ArtMoblie 2015…Week Five (Personal Place Mats – Favorite Foods) – Fitzcarmel LaMarre

ArtMoblie 2015…Week Five (Personal Place Mats – Favorite Foods)


I LOVE EATING!!! You know you do too! Hey, we ALL have to do it to live…might as well ENJOY IT!!! Seeing what kinds of foods kids like, it no wonder Ma & Pa Raffas, Dominoes and Cumbie’s are making a living slinging pizza! You can see for yourself! There’s a pretty good variety of other foods they had in mind once the subject came up! My food world has been HEAVILY impacted by the linguica alone (there’s a host of other foods)! Never had it before these last two years, but I’m making up for it. I thought I had my undercover foodie badge protected, but the Portuguese and Cape Verde influence on food around here had other plans.


My (unfinished) version of my favorite local breakfast spot Izzy’s in New Bedford on Spring street. Cachupa frita, linguica, two eggs, french toast with some orange juice.

favorite meal of the day

BIG SHOUT OUT to Izzy’s Family Style Restaurant where they serve breakfast as long as they are open and some authentic Cape Verdean food! Now that Cachupa frita is a part of my Life I DO feel more complete!


The paint was literally flying at times which we kept under control…for the most part. Something happens to kids when they get to mix their own colors. Depending on the age, some fixate on mixing everything they can just to see what happens. Others attempted to keep their palettes as clear and unmixed as possible… that ain’t no fun. Luckily, we’re talking washable paint here!

Photo Aug 05, 2 04 51 PM


The creation of fruits from trees is a persuasive art form from nature. Trees, vines, bushes, etc. attract those who will aid in the propagation and survival of the next generation. It’s in our blood to be drawn in by dazzling colors. A colorful plate of food is ALWAYS inviting inspection. Seeing the color choices and simple shapes come together to form well known foods was fun!


Puppets play in the Park


We had something new in the parks of New Bedford this year! Special presentations from The Kids On The Block out of Fall River. They put on an educational performance on the accessibility symbol as well as discussing ways to be sensitive and understanding to those with disabilities! I was impressed by how they were able to quickly engage the kids and hold their attention…while educating them. Please visit their site for more information! As part of their Mission Statement says,

The purpose of the Kids on the Block (KOB) is to provide educational puppet programs which enlighten all children about disability awareness, medical/educational differences, and social concerns.

Puppets captivate the crowd!

Puppets captivate the crowd!

Once again I’m happy to see what the City of New Bedford offers residents for free! There was also a special visit from the City’s Facilities & Fleet Management to speak to those at the park about recycling. MANY questions were answered on what to recycle. Like, what can’t be placed in the recycle bin and where to take items like plastic shopping bags and bread bags (to your local grocery store).

Closing Shop Soon

As of writing this, we only have less than two weeks of the hustle! This year summer ZOOOMED by! It doesn’t feel like this many weeks have passed. We had out meeting at the New Bedford Art Museum because we got rained out. As we went over secret artMOBILE stuff and prepared the last week’s lesson, I realized the school year is starting back up soon. TIME FLIES WHEN YOU’RE HAVING FUN!!!


;o) Fitz

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artMOBILE is funded through the assistance from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, Community Development Block Grant Program (CDBG) from the City of New Bedford, Office of Housing and Community Development. Additional funding provided by United Way of New Bedford’s Summer Fund Program, New Bedford Education Foundation, Leonard & Hilda Kaplan Charitable Foundation, Bain Capital Children’s Charity,  the Lodge of St. Andrew, and numerous donors.

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