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ArtMoblie 2015…Week Four (Accordion Books) – Fitzcarmel LaMarre

ArtMoblie 2015…Week Four (Accordion Books)

Let the Sun shine!

We are over halfway done with our creative weekly adventures! Mother nature has been rather unpredictable too. She’s made me feel like I was back in South Florida with the heat and humidity, wearing us down. She’s also opened up a few times, halting our efforts BUT we get right back at it when she gives us a break!


I enjoyed the challenge this activity gave the kids! They build a book and create a story to put in it! The story part stumped kids more than the book production, but they all worked out their own unique solutions with designs, poems and colorful drawings.

At this point in the game we’ve built up some trust and friendship with the regulars, parents and the others in the community we come in contact. Often we are told but perfect strangers how much they appreciate what we are doing in the community. I MUST say, it does feel good to be recognized and appreciated.

We just combine our forces like a souped-up Voltron-Power Rangin’-Great Space Coaster of Creative Swaggaliciousness!

I know the other artMOBILE Educators and support staff feel the same, as we are ALL involved in the New Bedford art scene as well as nearby cities. When we’re not rescuing the youth from the dreaded boredom of summer, we’re off in our corners of the South Coast helping progress the scene. We just combine our forces like a souped-up Voltron-Power Rangin’-Great Space Coaster of Creative Swaggaliciousness! So, feeling some of that Love come back is the gravy.

Do whatcha’ like kid

Another random happening is the creative kid who comes along and whips up something totally different than our main activity or free drawing! I had no idea that paper baskets would pop out! The GREAT part is with kids is monkey see, monkey do! A few kids left with their books in their baskets! I don’t even know how to make a paper basket! I’ll have to have them show me how to do it next week, and then pimp it out!

Free Passes

I think it helps that we give out Family Passes to the New Bedford Art Museum. EVERYONE’S favorite word is FREE!!! It’s definitely mine! We get nothing but positive reactions from the folks we give them out to who are usually looking for something different (and free) for the family. Most are waiting for a catch…but there’s none. Just some exposure to the arts!

In the future, as the program gets more attention, we may be able to give out more passes to more places. We’ve been trying to think of MORE ways to get MORE kids out here with us, the MORE the merrier. If you have any ideas let us know! We are currently indirectly partnered with New Bedford Parks, Recreation and Beaches. Our sites are where the free lunch program PLAY IN THE PARK AND SUMMER FOOD PROGRAM operate, if that helps! They have basketballs, footballs, soccer balls, frisbees, board games AND food (free cold water too). I’m SURE they have more, I’m just calling out what I’ve seen…it’s worth the visit!

Photo Jul 29, 2 55 25 PM


;o) Fitz

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artMOBILE is funded through the assistance from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, Community Development Block Grant Program (CDBG) from the City of New Bedford, Office of Housing and Community Development. Additional funding provided by United Way of New Bedford’s Summer Fund Program, New Bedford Education Foundation, Leonard & Hilda Kaplan Charitable Foundation, Bain Capital Children’s Charity,  the Lodge of St. Andrew, and numerous donors.

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