It’s NOT Where You’re From, It’s Where You’re At! Part One

I recently went on a PHENOMENAL road trip to South Florida, with my brother Lloyd LaMarre. We went to see my daughter graduate Nursing school to become an RN. On that trip I went to the Arts and Entertainment district of Wynwood, Miami. It is home to over 70 galleries, museums and collections. I’m not sure if New Bedford has the physical wall space, but I’m going to work on covering them…inside out! By the end of the trip I had time to reflect on what my hometown meant to me, and who it made me (I’ll get into that in another post). BUT, I was happy to get the HELL out of the plague of humidity, and go back Home to New Beige!

Home sweet home

I find more to Love about New Bedford! If the City was a juice it would be a cranberry juice concentrate…it just makes you pucker up! There’s SO MUCH going on in such a small city! As I make a living, build more relationships, and learn more of this place and it’s deeply entrenched culture, I can’t help but feel grateful. As I mentioned in the previous post THE START OF SOMETHING…I’m in the #7 city in the US for artists, but my Luck didn’t end there.

The photos below are from New Bedford’s Seaport Art Walk featuring some original sculpture created by local artists. The sculptures are temporarily installed along MacArthur Blvd, the City and State piers, in the city’s Seaport Cultural District.


The past has passed

I’ve heard some negative things about this City’s past, but it’s be NOTHING but kind to me. I must be meeting ALL the kewl people around, because I’ve met some of the most supportive, talented and kind folks. There is a lot of hustle and heart here and I’m glad to add to it! There is so much going on between the parade, live music, festivals and themed nights, this corner of the world is HUMMIN’!!! I must say, I REEEEEALLY LOVE IT here!!!

For example, the video below features two street performers; local artist and musician, Autumn Cyr and musician / songwriter, Rich McCarthy who just met that day! They decided to team up for a bit during the New Bedford Folk Festival, which was the same day as the 43rd Annual Cape Verde Recognition Parade…see, HUMMIN’!!! My buddy, Jeff Costa, and I were taking in the festivities and stumbled onto them! The audio isn’t the best but the vibe is!

The California hustle prepared me

Back in Los Angeles, I was growing into a BIG fish, but Cali is a BIG A$$ pond! Out here, on Massachusetts’ South Coast, the pond real estate is MUCH smaller in comparison. It’s been easy for me to navigate around this Lovely City and network enough to support myself…for the most part. The compact nature of the City allows me to get to the right people at a rate I hadn’t really reached in Los Angeles. In a couple short years, starting with what I could afford to bring over, I became an art instructor. It’s not what I planned, but I’ve learned that old English proverb, “Necessity is the Mother of ALL Invention!” I hadn’t quite found my path, only the land it would happen in.

If you try some time…you get what you need

I primarily wanted to sell my paintings to make a living (STILL DO!!!) but the Universe has other plans that involve art instruction! I saw a Craigslist post for Michaels arts and crafts that offered instructors free paint if chosen. That was an offer I had to go for since I couldn’t afford and more paint, AND couldn’t sell what I created. I jumped through the hoops and got my free paint! It was worth it, but I wasn’t done jumping through hoops.

The birth of swaggaliciousness

Once I got comfortable with giving instruction and learning how to teach a painting, the magic began to happen! Things change when you get more confidence, they did for me. My vision for myself and my community has changed. I find myself creating my opportunities as opposed to looking for them. Either way I have to be prepared and ready as I move into newer endeavors in this lovely City!

New Bedford’s Free Library gives the passing public a treat with free classical music.

I’m looking to create a cohesive culture among the local artists. A culture that welcomes innovation, of all kinds, and public wellness. There is SO MUCH we can accomplish here if the BIG FISH swim together! There is POWER in numbers!

I’ve learned that old English proverb, “Necessity is the Mother of ALL Invention!

2014-07-06 12.07.33


To stay the same is going backwards if time is slipping into the future.

Eyes wide open

I’ve set my sights on leaving a little more color in this world. A LOT MORE, actually! I feel mural work is in my future, whether now or later, I feel it happening. Now, when I say that it’s not without efforts, plans and proposals being submitted…THAT is also happening. I just need the right wall to become available. The difference in me from only a few short years is I do MORE with LESS excuses. Procrastinator was a middle name I’ve been glad to shake. I hear a TON and have a TON of excuses, I decided to use fewer of them. I can’t stay who I if I want to be someone new. Change is the ONLY constant in the Universe. To stay the same is going backwards if time is slipping into the future.


;o) Fitz

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P.S. Here are a few more Wynwood mural photos!


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