It’s NOT Where You’re From, It’s Where You’re At! Part Two

I thought that there would be a challenge to writing about the Art Life and all of its Glory in a consistent manner. I was right. BUT the challenge is rewarding. Organizing my thoughts and processing them through pictures and perspectives has been a step up in my professional growth. Living here in the Lovely City of New Bedford also makes it pretty easy. I take a LOT of pictures in a week! So, I wanted to put together some of my photos up before the year passes, and the events come back around! Most of these events I happen to run into, seldom have I planned to go to something. I’m plotting on putting the “art game” in a choke hold, so I don’t get out as much as I’d like. The City looks out for me though!

City Life

2014-04-27 18.45.01

Home is where the heart is

I’ve always wanted to live in a City since growing up in South Florida. I’ve been attracted to concrete jungles and the cultures they breed. The Universe hooked me up since being artsy is a commodity in these streets. I mean, I could’ve been stubborn and remained a graphic designer. Something advised me to take my own advice, So, I figured if the “sky is the limit” who would I want to be. A traditional artist with a digital flare is what I’m bringing to the table. I know I can paint realistically enough, so I use my Photoshop compositing skills to create dynamic references for paintings. Constantly being inspired by the area and it’s supportive residents has given me the ability to create opportunities, and just about make a living for myself. With the different regions I’ve lived in I get to put ALL my Hustle, Talent and Skill to the test. I welcome it more these days! I’m sharpening my tools…I have yet to really cut loose!


The Eagle has landed

There are some GREAT people I have met throughout my time walking the Earth, but I feel like it’s ALL coming together here. I’m seriously considering a reality television show with all the New Bedford characters I know and Love. I owe Gallery X for 95% of my contacts and 99% of the jobs I’ve landed since being here. I’ve run into or met the right folks at the numerous gallery openings at Gallery X and events around the City (or I’ve been told where to go). I naturally flow through demographics, as an obvious “people person”, finding common ground and building relationships. Some call it networking.

DSC_0322’50s night in New Bedford

New Bedford Characters

Through this networking I’ve met some unique people and had some extremely interesting and often enlightening conversations. I seem to have droped in at the right time and timing is key to what I’m trying to do. I’ve seen some small business, staples in the community ending GREAT runs at their physical locations like The Artificial Marketplace, Third EYE and the UGLY Gallery. In some cases the entities still exist, just without the overhead of a storefront. BUT I’m seeing several MORE pop up, like Alison Wells’ Gallery, Ming Sushi, Le Desserterie and dNB Burgers!


The ONLY way we’re going to climb these artsy lists is to do more artsy things!

DSC_0507The Spicy Lime Mural & literal “street art” by NYC artist Tom Bob

Here and there and Everywhere

There are several murals sprinkled around New Bedford but after having an ARTGASM while viewing building after building covered in murals in Wynwood, Miami (mentioned on Part One) I feel the need for FAAAR MORE!!! The ONLY way we’re going to climb these artsy lists is to do more artsy things! We have a Historic District which should remain untouched…for the most part. Ahhhhh, but the other parts should reflect the creativity, history and future of this City. Even the traces of street art are evidence of a bubbling creative culture waiting to express itself.


The Johnny Appleseed of Creativity

I know planting creative seeds in the youth with create the next generation of artists that will represent us. I feel called to help young artists hold on to a Dream they don’t have to defer due to a lack of knowledge…or resource. It’s all part of the GRAND long-term plan! I’m looking for the Stars and I see some already shining brightly.


;o) Fitz

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