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I Like To Move It – Move It…AROUND!!! – Fitzcarmel LaMarre

I Like To Move It – Move It…AROUND!!!

I consider myself a man of action…lately. Mainly, because I keep it (me) moving! I give myself that credit because I know how I once was, and why. My mother considered me lazy, but my high school, Donald Jackson was more accurate in saying I was slow…like slow motion. Follow me around, these days, and you’ll likely agree, I keeps it mooovin’. It’s the difference between waiting for something to happen OR making something happen. I often mess up because I’m doing too much…but at least I’m doing something!

Kickin’ it up a notch…BAM!!!

NBCC Appt_Letter_Lamarre 2015Recently, I became a member of the New Bedford Cultural Council. I’m still figuring out my responsibilities, but this is the first, major, public position, I’ve been involved with! Things happened in a way that only the Universe can fashion. I’m flattered to have been asked to be a part of the Council by Chairperson Jill Horton-Sims. There’s a GREAT energy about this group! I feel like I’m the newest member of the Justice League of America! Meeting in City Hall to sort grants and get my grant package to review was a smooth process. Having Mayor John Mitchell come in to chitchat during our meeting was a kewl highlight, I must admit! It made politics feel more accessible.

To get where I want to be and to get this City where I want it going is going to take building relationships, and working with people at this level of community contribution. Stepping into this newness with THIS group of people is a learning experience I’ve been waiting for!

DSC_0664Sorting and collating grants with the New Bedford Cultural Council at City Hall

Great White Hopes

I wasn’t always busy with something to do. I was at my guppy status, more like a betta…I have some fight. What I do as an artist and art instructor gave me something worth moving faster for…like a shark! I wasn’t this confident before either. So, I hit salmon status. This is where everybody is looking to take a bite out of you, because of all the juicy skills and talents you have to offer them…not knowing my value at this time put more food on the plates of others. I outgrew that as once I allowed myself the to be confident. I found that confidence through experience and support. I’m able to keep it going these days because I have the right goals (for me) and confidence to take on more responsibilities. Where did I get it…from moving a.k.a. The Hustle.

Minerva’s Pizza was BOMB!!!

Universe…is that you?

The BEST part of the Hustle is the unforeseen conspiring of the Universe to mobilize positive goals, with actions, into reality. I know a LOT of people GREAT people. I know a LOT of GREAT people with GREAT ideas! Within all those GREAT people and GREAT ideas, only a few of them are acting on those ideas in the now. They are kept as considerations or when things are different.

I LOVE the, seemingly random, encounters that blossom into projects through the GREAT people I’ve met. I feel I’m in control of a LOT but the extra boost from the Universe, through people, is the BEST!!!  There’s a TON of originality around here with all the different types of people here. Those who play a large part on my stage are a special class of folks, I call them…NEW BEDFORD CHARACTERS!


2015-08-16 23.36.17Fitness Director, Jeff Costa and I on Purchase Street for his AHA! Night event!

Do What Works for you

We all move through the changes of the Universe. We ALL have negative things that happen, the difference in surviving is how you handle it. Either you’re making something happen OR something is happening to you. Both can happen simultaneously, but the reaction is where you find the truth about you.

who ya gonna call!?! Blues Busters!!!

I’m as human as anyone. The blues can snatch me up like anyone else. What gets me back on my game are a few key personal understandings. I know my value. I live in Gratitude. I laugh at myself regularly. And, there is no Fear in logic. Stress is only a distraction we give a negative reaction. Of course there are things to stress, but how many of them exist in reality? How much is conjured up and fabricated into nonexistent nonsense. Lastly, I have a GREAT level of support with my Family. Support is important.


Hanging with the Family in Miami, Florida.

We can be heroes

At this stage of my creative thinking I’m beginning to decipher more of how my brain works compared to other artists…as far as methods, mindset and technique. My super power is the power of persuasion. I’m a CREATIVE SUPERHERO!!! I convince the eye that something multidimensional exists on a two dimensional plane. I can also connect with another person’s creativity and build fast relationships which is perfect for acrylic paint instruction. There’s WAAAY more to it, of course, that’s just a quick summary. Also, I don’t use my powers for evil…yet.


Painting session with Southcoast Health‘s Rappp Program youth.

the nuts and bolts

I paint and draw with shapes in mind all the time. I found what works for me. This thinking helps me create proportions properly and more on the accurate side. In the earlier years I used lines to create imagery. To be specific I’m speaking more along the lines of human anatomy and replication. Learning to look for shapes helped simplify AND understand volume. It is and ALWAYS will be a progression.

ginja_ninja_promoPromo for Home schooled kids through Mastermind Adventures

My goal is to train my eye to not need the grid for proportions. This was a skill I took for granted and lost, but it’s like riding a bike. In this case a tricked out crotch rocket, especially since I’m painting now. Confidence is the difference. Confidence in the instincts my talent gives me. I don’t care if I make mistakes as long as I know I’m progressing.


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;o) Fitz

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