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Paper Bag Picture Puppet Pages and Beyond – Fitzcarmel LaMarre

Paper Bag Picture Puppet Pages and Beyond

Growing up I wanted to be a veterinarian…but my earliest memories are of drawing. I was instantly “drawn” to artistic expression at a VERY young age and took most opportunities to draw & color, like most kids are encouraged to do. I was the kid in elementary school who drew everyone else’s animals and such for our assignments. In middle school I was drawing naked women for my puberty driven friends…but Art was a normal thing to me.

Art (and creativity) has ALWAYS been normal to me, and I honestly feel like ANYONE can do it if I can….really. I feel most have buried it rather than acquire it. I’ve just had a TON of practice ahead of most, and the Lord has blessed me with patience more than talent. I think patience possibly comes with the talent. That shred of patience is what I built the talent upon.

creative custom Crafts

2015-03-12 16.56.33The Butterfly Effect

I enjoy creating the custom lessons for the Renaissance Community School for the Arts, Enrichment Program. Having the freedom to create anything as long as I can teach it to a group of kids is VERY rewarding. The catch is this has gone horribly wrong on a few occasions…per grade. I deal with kindergarten to fourth graders for most of the week. The BEST advice I can give is kindergartners and origami don’t mix well. Experience is the best teacher and being custom they are FRESH!  Freshness comes at a cost. There’s not much practice time after the majority of the preparation is done. Between that and the attention span I’m kept on my toes from when I step into the building.

The BEST advice I can give is kindergartners and origami don’t mix well.

Metamorphosis from egg and larvae to chrysalis…then butterfly

Effective effort is a term I learned at Renaissance, as well as the phrase, “make good decisions.” I try to apply these to my own professional and personal life. No one says life is easy and I don’t always make my paper crafts or color sheets too easy either. This has made my life difficult at times but other times the payoff is AMAZING, and I know that dismissal is around the corner.

A creative feeding frenzy


No one says life is easy and I don’t always make my paper crafts or color sheets too easy either.


Taking Out to the Home School

I’ve gained TONS of experience working with the Renaissance kids and the youth that I hang out with during my artMOBILE time….it’s prepared me to deal with most classroom situations. Now, I get to create my own classroom set ups with a another brand of educator…The Home Schoolers!


Communal education

Many thanks to my brother Lloyd Lamarre for putting me on to the idea AND introducing me to Krysten and Jason Callina with Mastermind Adventures! I use Krysten’s name first because she gives me advice…and checks. I hope to become a regular fixture as THE ART GUY for the home schooling community! Yet another demographic will be added to the list! Being their art teacher helps, in what I consider, a way to reform education. The communal-education, hands-on, vibe of the parents being THAT involved, gave me a vision of how education can be MORE of a family event…correction, a community event!

DSC_0035From sketch to production, with minimal instruction

a family Education

I see how valuable the family connection is when it comes to education. My mother made SURE my siblings and myself knew how vital it was to not just be educated, but to also stay current. My mother has ALWAYS had a better phone than me. Having the parents so readily available makes my job easier. Any class is going to go smooth when all of the parents are a few steps outside the classroom or sitting right there.


The cheat sheet with a sample I made for the The DIY Mystical Animal Challenge, a Mastermind Adventures home schoolers’ event in Somerset, MA

Use whatchu got

I’ve been able to take artMOBILE lessons with some internet research and simplify lessons for a class setting, especially for the lower age groups. There is ALWAYS a challenge in holding and helping them to increase their attention spans. This isn’t always easy for me, as I like to delve into complexity when it comes to art in its production. Teaching is another skill set I’m mastering as I mix it with a bunch art; a dash of creativity; and a sprinkle of my personality.


EASY does it

I’m still learning the art of simplicity too. I dabbled in refining photos down to single color vector art, and text, during the graphic design years with logo designing. Conveying the idea to a group of kindergartners is ALWAYS the BIGGEST test! Except for the first week, I’ve been aces this year after I simplified their lessons (by the welcome advice of one of the teachers). The result, the kindergartners do better than my (supersocial-Chatty-Cathy) fourth grade boys, since clean up is a portion of the lesson.

Expanding like the universe

So much is changing and in transition BUT that follows the ONLY constant in the Universe. I feel I’m exactly where I’m suppose to be in the grand scheme of things! It is scary and divine all at the same time. Thanks for riding with me!


;o) Fitz

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