Saying Farewell Is ALWAYS Hard

No art talk. No bragging on the City. More on a reflective tip. It’s been some time since I’ve been to a family funeral. There’s a LOT of life in all the BIG personalities in my Family. This past weekend our family said it’s formal goodbye to the family matriarch Marie Louise Amarant Lamarre. She lived to be 102 and a half years old. About 10 years after the first car was created and only a decade plus into the last century was she born. She lived an extremely colorful life, as I piece together, and hear more and more stories of her encounters with  SOOO MANY as TATOUTE…aunt to all (translated from Haitian Creole).

Break that record


As I reflect on Life and Death, at this time, I consider what Legacy will I leave behind and how will I be remembered. I didn’t have a close relationship with my grandmother besides the age gap there was our language barrier. Being born in the United States I didn’t feel the need to learn the language, as my mother says, I was VERY resistant. I remember my grandmother chasing me around. I was ALWAYS surprised at how fast she was. We didn’t live together at any stretch of time so my connection isn’t like those with fewer social obstacles. The sadness I feel is more through what I see she meant to SO MANY others. She was the last of her generation, and likely held most of the people at her funeral as children…easily.

A Family of Healers


I LOOOVE my family! I wish people had what I have, because it feels GREAT to have the support and comfort coming from so many. There were far more laughs than tears. It was such a powerful experience to have the majority of my fathers’ side of the family in one place. A GORGEOUS BUNCH of more loving people can’t be found, unless it’s the OTHER side of my family.

More laughs than tears


I REEEALLY enjoyed meeting family I never met or seeing a face I only remembered from my childhood memories. And the children were a GREAT help! Not just by being well-behaved, but providing much needed kisses, hugs and funny faces; that even made my father smile during the service. Support came in ALL packages and we needed it! Our extended family was the church my brother attends serving some of the best catered authentic Haitian food from…Comfort food at its BEST!!!

Extended family love

Photo Oct 11, 12 06 49 PM

My family and friends of the family came together in the perfect storm of Love to ease some of our grief. I could say thank yous to a BUNCH of people that won’t read this, but I honestly already did. I felt the gratitude for living that day that I NEVER felt before. I know I’m a blessed being, as we ALL are. Living in that feeling is where I feel my default setting is in Life.

The future is a bright one

Photo Oct 10, 2 26 21 PM

I’m STILL a TOYS-R-US Kids, in that “I don’t wanna grow up!” As a tribute to my grandmother, who had a little shimmy of dance in her to the end…I won’t.

Now growing OLD is something else!


;o) Fitz

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  1. cary

    My friend you are an amazing human being. My condolences on your loss but know your loved one departed this earth but you will meet again in heaven without a doubt. Peace and love to u buddy.


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