Attitude Adjustment Series – How To Live In Gratitude

The holiday season is upon us and where the HELL did the year go? Right!?! HAPPY THANKSGIVING, Y’ALL!!!

Since we’re all up in the holiday of Thankfulness, why not carry out the notion into ALL of our days, huh? I make it a point to be grateful…daily. This is not some instinctual reaction I have to the World, I learned it. Even better, I taught it to myself (One of only a few things outside of art)! I live in Gratitude by keeping a healthy perspective about Life. Here’s how I do it! I’m NOT going to challenge you to make a list for X amount of time. Life’s too interactive for that approach. Careful, you may need to step outside of your comfort zone.

ear to ear


I haven’t let up on the Paper Puppets yet! They’re STILL eatin’ it up!

First, I have a set of healthy checks and balances…one  good gauge, really. It works like this, the more I focus on serving myself the less Gratitude I generate. The more I genuinely focus on serving the masses, I exponentially generate it. I’m a GRATEFUL MACHINE!!! It’s why I smile so damn much! A fortunate, natural byproduct! My path has been WAAAY more fulfilling since I chose it. “Chose what” you say??? I chose to serve. So, I think BIG thoughts on how to help others. Then, off I go basking in the Gratitude created from myself and others.

skinnin’ and a grinnin’

Everybody wants in on the fun! I just open the door!

I’m grateful for the feedback! As a graphic designer on projects, you rarely get the praise or applause you deserve. Now, I do! It’s new to me to have reviews. People take their time to let me know they appreciate my services. You’re VERY welcome…it’s my pleasure.

Well, look who’s talkin’

clip_now_20150524_162431You like me! You REALLY Like me!

The Art Guy loves the kids

“Mr. Happy” is what Vilma calls me when she sees me in the halls Renaissance Community School For The Arts. It’s NOT just because of a t-shirt (one of my favorites), with the character on it. I like that it’s obvious to a fourth grader that I’m in Love with Life. I LOVE what I do for a living and the Life I’m living! I mess up like everyone else…BIG ONES too! BUT, I forgive myself and not as fast as I forgive others, but I do.


Being right doesn’t always mean you won.

Leading into the second thing, I practice forgiveness. I work to apologize first and set things right. It’s not easy but somebody has got to do it. Being right doesn’t always mean you won. I like to learn from each and EVERY mistake so I can avoid its repetition, which is sometimes inevitable. I deal with them all the same whether professional or personal, I dissect them into lessons. I like my problems! l know they belong to no one else and they are here to serve me.

That’s not my bag, baby!

DSC_1006gobble, gobble up some gratitude!

My boss and friend Barry Trahan told me a saying his grandmother told him. “If everyone put all their problems in a bag and put it in the middle of the room, you’d likely want your bag back once you looked into everyone’s.” I live in gratitude for where I am in the world and what I’m here for. The third thing I do with that perspective is realize things could be worse. Just like there’s a ton of folks you’re wishing you were, there’s likely WAAAY MORE in the world who would trade you for your first world problems, it a heartbeat. Hmmm, or maybe they are the ones who would give us our bag back for the simplicity we miss out on for our distracting gadgets.

I love you…you


The last thing I do was the hardest. I had to absolutely LOOOOOOVE being myself as I was / am. I wanted to be Lenny Kravitz or Will Smith for much of my twenties. Then, I spent enough time with myself to fall in Love with myself. I learned to Love and appreciate what I can do and what I can personally offer the world!

cut loose


All these superheroes, mutants, evos, metahumans, and the like, are all metaphors. Metaphors for, if EVERYONE KNEW what made you special, because it was SO obvious…what would you do? There are SO MANY possible responses, but all will be made out of Love or Fear, but hopefully with some logic. I felt like that happened to me! Now. I AM THE ART GUY!!! It’s obvious what I’m suppose to be doing with my talents, right? It’s likely that obvious for you and everyone else. What are you going to do? Realizing and owning it is where it gets real. Embrace whoever you know you are inside and allow that part of you to live too! Love you.


;o) Fitz

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