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For MANY MANY moons I’ve been known as a graphic designer. Many, except for the Lovely City of New Bedford, know me as a graphic designer. Recently, I had to go back to those digital design roots…for me! It’s coming in handy these days to be able to knock out some promo stuff for myself and kinda lay low, but the game ALWAYS finds a way to drag me in. This CREATIVE OASIS: YOUTH ARTS PROJECT came almost out of nowhere, and has been more than spoken into existence, it’s almost creating itself!

Versatility wins


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In the land of California, just about EVERY artist I knew had graphic design under their belt. Out here the demographics are quite different. As a matter of fact ALL the variables are different! Going with the flow is to ride the Constant of the Universe…CHANGE! Er’ry-body and their Momma was making a movie out on the West Coast, so I was always busy on the computer and tablet. Keeping up with the skills has been moderate with the needs of promoting myself via social media and some freelance jobs. So, instead of having to pay someone, I figured I’d flex some design muscles! I’ve dug into my bag of tricks and came up with what I consider a clean, simple, concept logo.


Screenshot 2015-11-04 13.38.03There was a time I didn’t like designing logos, but that had to do more with who I was designing them for. I was younger too and had more fear of performance. Once I got over having a boss over my shoulder, watching the magic take place, I was able to settle in and knock them out the park. I NEVER liked someone looking over my shoulder till I started showing off…then I LOVED it! There are times where a level of intimacy is needed to get the ball rolling, but once the momentum begins to carry it, IT’S ON!!!

water=life & art=living

Screenshot 2015-11-04 11.01.11Screenshot of my Adobe Illustrator work space.

With designing this CREATIVE OASIS logo, I had to breakdown the idea of an oasis in simplest terms and form to see where that lead me. I think logos designed with meaning come out better than those made off the current trends. If nothing comes to me, and it didn’t, I need a jump start. I went online and gathered interesting logos, I thought were dynamic…at least parts of them. Then, it hit me! WATER is what an oasis is built on at its literal and figurative core.


Sometimes, I’ll make several versions to show a client. Not so much for myself.

I like to work in Adobe Illustrator when I begin designing logos, at the computer phase. Sometimes I’ll do a little thumbnail sketch, but MOST times, I like to jump right in for the sake of time. I start out in black, with the necessary title and I’ll scroll through fonts to find ones I think fit the theme. I ALWAYS consider legibility over the funky or jazzy fonts. I want it to be understood immediately with minimal interpretation. The logo needs to work at the size of a stamp as well. Many times it’s likely to show up at the bottom of a flyer or on a logo line in a brochure or pamphlet. I know I can ALWAYS get photo realistic with it, but most times logos get lost once scaled down.

Screenshot 2015-11-05 11.45.44Logos follow an evolution as I design and redesign, till the desired result is achieved.

…I mindfully like to avoid cliches when I design, unless a client asks for it…

Once the logo starts working I consider making positive and negative versions of it. This way if my logo is requested I can pass it on in several versions so it can be read on ANY background. You’ve gotta test your work to see what’s working and what needs to go. After that, if I feel it needs more polish I’ll bring it in Adobe Photoshop and add the bells and whistles for more depth. If it works in simple terms it will be easier to work it up into something flashy, and not need to worry later about scaling it.

Screenshot 2015-11-05 10.46.15Positive and negative versions help the logo to be legible on ANY background color.

I LOVE the organic unpredictable movement of water. In all it’s power, it’s easier to explore space than to travel the element’s depths. Plus, I mindfully like to avoid cliches when I design, unless a client asks for it…of course. So, I decided early on NO PALM TREES, maybe sand, but sand didn’t connote the BIG idea…water did! That’s when the tagline popped into my head QUENCHING CREATIVE THIRST. Working in the marketing and branding game I KNOW I have a TON of options to play with. This youth arts program is going to be like an urban community garden in a food desert.

digitalhippies_character_logo_smThe DigitalHippies “Cherry Fairy” logo

Working closely with the youth of this community I see the need AND the talent out there. I was one of the artists who survived my youth. Others weren’t as fortunate. I plan to give hope to those fallen soldiers and options to their children. Art makes life worth living because it feeds the soul, nourishes and quenches it’s thirst for expression. I plan on helping that cup runneth over!


;o) Fitz

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