MO’ MONEY!!! MO’ MONEY!!! MO’ MONEY!!! Painting With A Splash! – Part II


This one goes out to my BIG TIPPERS (and all other tippers too)!!! This is an overdue post so I’ll get right back to it! THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!! For all those who have and will throw me something extra…HERE’S TO YOU!!! You are appreciated! As a traditional artist and art instructor, I don’t hold down a regular 9 to 5 gig like in my graphic design days in Cali. I go class to class, session to session, project to project, check to check, hustling ALL OVER the Lovely City of New Bedford (and neighboring areas) for my piece of the pie! And I LOVE IT!!! I feel like I’m out hunting, I guess I am really, huh? Scouring the lands, plotting on coming up! So, when kind souls offer up some extra scratch for a good time…I’m GLOWING! I’m LIVIN’ FOR THE CITY and I do Love when the City kicks something back!!!


DSC_0630ANOTHER satisfied customer! It’s nice when others notice your value! THANK YOU!!!

I get bored easily and due to self control you’d never know it. Sitting behind a computer for hours on end is a luxury these days. If I’m not at the Andrea McCoy Recreation Center, I’m at the Renaissance Community School For The Arts. If you don’t find me there, I’m likely at Painting With a Splash, a Mastermind Adventures Home School event, or Southcoast Health’s RAPPP program, painting with their youth. Now, with the New Bedford Cultural Council and PRIDE Advisory Board added, there are not too many dull moments. I almost forgot to mention I have commissions, barters and favors all lined up when I get home. Throw an equal sign at the end and it sums up to BUSY! So, when the Universe helps a brother out with something to buy some dinner, or grab a couple of drinks at The Pour Farm Tavern, I can’t help but be appreciative! Especially, when I wasn’t expecting it!

Dolla Dolla Bill Y’all!!!

2014-05-31 21.36.53Boys just wanna have fun too, ya know!

The jobs I do have with official City entities, like the New Bedford School Department or New Bedford Parks, Recreation & Beaches have checks and balances they must go through before I see the loot. That waiting game between invoices can get tricky when there is ANY lapse in time thrown in. As most reading this know EVERY BIT COUNTS!!! This Painting Party work fills in the cracks just fine! Oh, did I mention I get to drink on the job? Gotta LOVE IT!!! I try my best on a daily basis to live in Gratitude for where I am, what I have and who I have on my side.  It keeps me in line. Its my inner defense against entitlement. I’m fine earning and putting the work into what I want. The Universe and nothing in it owes me anything. But it takes care of me like it does!

If ya don’t know, now ya know…


The big goose egg

Sometimes, I get nothing, but I don’t work for tips. EVERYONE in my house gets the same treatment, and that’s really an across the board, standard practice (for myself). I just like to have a GREAT TIME so having everyone aboard it my top concern. That makes it easier for me. Whether you got it, leave it or don’t, I can’t let my service be connected to the finance in an emotional way. My disappointment with the tip jar directly correlates with the financial need at that moment. So, why set myself up for failure. Plus, I know this is a new business format and some people just don’t know. I’m not one to announce it during my sessons either, not my style. If it wasn’t noticed I can’t hold it against you, and I won’t..but now you know!

DSC_0197My buddy Jeff Costa brought his family through AND originally gave me  the “tip” to design the Rooster of Barcelos painting!



;o) Fitz

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