“ARGHHH…This stupid phone is messed up!” OR “This computer doesn’t work right!” and the popular “Can’t trust this (insert whatever your items) to work right”, and let’s not forget “There’s ALWAYS something wrong with these things!” Ahhh yes, but due to arrogance we forget…maybe it’s YOU. That’s ALWAYS the common denominator, isn’t it? Many folks, those I Love included, have issues taking responsibility for many situations that go awry…some more than others (of course). The blame is ALWAYS someone or something else…till maturity settles in and we silently resolve the issue. I do it too.

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who me?

This is a sensitive subject for some because it deals with accountability. There are only two occasions to give advice. If it’s a life threatening situation OR if it’s asked. I’ve learned my lesson well by yapping too much, as advice, (when I wasn’t asked) and got barked at. I’m ALL about meaningful confrontation with those I care about. Honestly, sometimes you gotta tell someone they are f#@%ing up, but usually and likely, it will not be received well. Not by most and not at first. It’s good to know that going in. There are also those who run from correction and advice by not seeking it or asking for it when they should. They hide behind excuses. These are the same folks who use those excuses to block them from success…Blessing Blockers. I’m a former Blessing Blocker.

Screenshot 2015-10-31 09.19.42Life taught me the best ways of getting out of that place. it wasn’t easy at first and I’m constantly working on myself in this way. Knowing when to ask advice, gathering it with that of others, and the HARDEST part of ALL…taking it, was a worthwhile undertaking I HIGHLY recommend. If you master this in Life you can master it in Art and vice versa.

These are the same folks who use those excuses to block them from success…Blessing Blockers.

You Choose to be alone

2015-08-26 11.15.58Wynwood, Miami murals (click photos to enlarge)

As the Universe dictates and the necessity of human contact work, we’re ALL in this together, if we like it or not. We desperately need each others help and guidance. When we think we’re an island and that we can manage without others in isolation we are susceptible to user error. Who likes to be wrong? I’ll tell you who…the one who sees the value in being able to use it to correct things. I too often see people focus on the problem over the solution, till the problem gets worse like an infection. Facing myself is ALWAYS a challenge but I enjoy it these days MORE THAN EVER!!!

2015-08-26 11.17.55Wynwood, Miami murals (click photos to enlarge)

Immaturity, sprinkled to taste with denial could be involved, but the user is using them to deflect blame for whatever reason (likely involving shame). Age is deceptive. It looks like older people should know better, but we’re all on our own paths, and at different paces. I know older people as immature as many of the elementary students I work with. Experience is the best teacher, but if you’re too full of yourself to see where you’re messing up, enjoy that ride on Life’s hamster wheel. I speak from experience as someone who was FULL of excuses and reasons outside of myself that created my misfortune. Ultimately, the world WILL accept your excuses and let you remain where you don’t want to be. Till you do what you must to get there.

A few things

2015-08-26 11.25.27Wynwood, Miami murals (click photos to enlarge)

The good part is I grew up. First thing, I stopped accepting my excuses as valid reasons not to succeed. Adopting an I WILL NOT LOSE attitude helped. Accepting an obstacle is not an option…EVER…that is if you want to be successful. Resistance will ALWAYS follow after your active ambitions. Resistance is EVERYTHING that keeps you from your goal…EVERYTHING.

“The most important thing about art is to work. Nothing else matters except sitting down every day and trying.”
― Steven Pressfield, The War of Art: Break Through the Blocks & Win Your Inner Creative Battles

The second thing is I allowed myself to go with the options the Universe gave me. I wanted to sell my concept and portrait paintings and make a living that way. That’s not what happened…as of yet anyway. By going with the flow I found I had a knack for art instruction. The third thing I did was got out into the world and started doing things towards my goals.

square peg round hole

2015-08-26 12.30.48Wynwood, Miami murals (click photos to enlarge)

I could’ve forced it, had a room full of unsold paintings, and not seen the opportunity in art instruction. My ego suggested that very thing. Ahhh, but the Universe is wise in the ways of coercion. Free paint got me here! Now I’m working on getting funding for FREE art classes in New Bedford during Spring Vacation! The CREATIVE OASIS ART PROJECT is coming! Looking at what I had available around me, and being honest allowed me to see more opportunities. The unforeseen conspiring of the Fate is another of the spoils of going with the flow. Being a part of the New Bedford Cultural Council is on that list.

Wynwood, Miami murals (click photos to enlarge)

Recognizing user error has its purpose in self improvement but it’s also a GREAT way to develop best practices and create professional efficiency. It’s good to be able to know when you’re the problem when problem solving.


;o) Fitz

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