Attitude Adjustment Series – 3 Tips to Eliminating Half-Assery

Y’all know what it is! Don’t play dumb. We ALL half-ass SOMETHING! Usually, it’s the things we don’t want to do. Most the times it’s the things we need to do. Why not do it and get it out of the way? Better yet, why aren’t you doing it…to get it done. I’m not going to act like I don’t do it too. BUT, I’ve figured out how to do it a LOT less, and get more done!

git´er done!!!

Some will say they are multitasking and they are in ¨the middle¨ of things. I’m not a firm believer in it because the results can be shabby due to lack of focus. Sometimes…MOST times it’s easier to bear down in silence and get it done to completion. I’ll hammer out ALL kinds of details on a portrait in silence. It’s not glamorous, but when I save myself hours by applying myself…I feel pretty. The right song or Netflix program in the background is gonna make me dance or pull me in, thus becoming a distraction. Distractions and excuses are the leading cause of Half-Assery! But you can do something!

But let’s be real…there’s ALWAYS time to dance!

#1 Be Realistic


Most time folks don’t put their all into paint sessions till I call them out. Half-assery extends to “effort” as well!

Multitasking…Meh. A multitasker is a person who can handle several tasks, simultaneously. I looked it up! Many of the definitions left out the part about completion. I don’t know about multitasking, but I know about getting things done. I’ve noticed that multitasking leads to a trail of Half-Assery. The more you juggle the longer the trail. This trail is usually harder to clean up after than if each task was done right the first time. That makes it more of a skid mark, to be honest.

Knowing how fast OR slow you are is critical in understanding what you can get done.

The first thing to learn and incorporate is being realistic with your time. Know how much you can get do in your time frame not how much you want to get done. This works for busy folks and procrastinators alike. I ALWAYS challenge myself on projects to do it faster. Too much time on a project is NOT always a good thing. Knowing how fast OR slow you are is critical in understanding what you can get done. Note: The faster you are at delivering quality, the more value you generate. People will pay for quality over speed.

#2 Ain’t NOBODY got time for THAT!!!


Take your time Seriously! If you claim you are allotting “X” amount of time to a task…GET TO IT!!! Don’t fool yourself with distractions and think you’re going to get X done, you’re left wondering “Y.” It’s SOOO easy to get sidetracked with social media, composing emails, phone tagging, text wars, cleaning, you name it! Our enemy Resistance has sent ALL of those things to get you off your GRAND MISSON! You have NO TIME to waste!” I Hustle things down to the last minute because I know how much time it takes! AND, when it’s DONE it’s DONE! No need to be concerned with that thing to come back to! It’s ALWAYS better to cross things off the list.

#3 What’s REALLY Important?


Prioritizing should REALLY be first, but it’s nothing without the first two in place. Sometimes what’s HARDEST should be tackled FIRST so you can know it’s smooth sailing the rest of the way. Also, I know I’m fresher and thus more patient with issues than I am by the end of a day grindin’. As I tell my daughter, “It’s easier to stay ahead than to catch up.” So, make a plan that involves getting ahead…and staying there. Priorities can be gauged by timetable. When is the deadline? They can be judged by finances. Who paid in FULL and who hasn’t even given you a deposit? Sometimes defining what’s important comes as a results of prioritizing and laying things out. Setting personal markers of accomplishments and little deadlines help to move things along.

Bonus – fortune favors the bold!

This Charizard Activity Sheet I created called for students to draw the other half and color it in.

Sometimes you just need to suck it up and get it done! I have a few outstanding violations that I’m planning on wrapping up to leave this year buttoned up nicely! Part of being a professional (insert ANY occupation here) has much to do with consistent results. Compromises must be made and experience is the BEST teacher! But you gotta do the Nike thing and JUST DO IT!!! Too much time is spent thinking and overthinking an idea, a painting, a Dream, fulfilling a promise, breaking a promise. Waiting does nothing but prolong the inevitable. Even worse stagnation begins to rot away at genuinely good ideas and prospects. The wrong direction is okay if it eventually gets you back on track.


Seeing a bunch of half attended projects, ideas, piles of clothes, dishes, (you name it) consistently in your Life is a sign of immaturity and amateurishness. At very least it shows a lack of seriousness. I am NOT sorry to be the one to tell you.  As an adult you realize you just have responsibilities that just need to get done…without praise. No more hand claps and rewards for wiping your own a$$. The time is NOT now…it’s RIGHT NOW!!! The world needs ALL of us to be acting on SOMETHING positive! If enough people change themselves we change the world! Just that simple!

GO BIG or go home

Hey, if you’re going to live in chaos with pressure, deadlines, responsibilities and obligations snipping away at your time, I hope you’re living your dreams, at least. Be on YOUR Hustle, WHATEVER IT IS! You gotta go ALL IN when you’re out in the world goal hunting! While in Los Angeles one of the BEST things I learned was to “GO BIG or go home!” And for those around you, “Get ON or get under!” I make it a point to impress myself through effort…I just keep at it. When I want to quit I ask myself, “what if you keep going, what would THAT be like?” That helps me change the state of mind to one that wants to solve a problem, as opposed to being a problem. YOU are the ONLY ONE who can see your Dreams. We REALLY know what they are by the goals you’re willing to accomplish for them. How are you living?

DSC_0738I tell the kids I deal with NOT to waste our time! We’re ALL riding the same timeline and we need those who will carve out a path in it…and not just be dragged along it. So, what’s stopping you? What are you waiting for? Moving in the right direction is ALL it takes to build up professional momentum. Talk to somebody who’s going to keep you accountable and DO NOT ALLOW temptation to get the better of you, again. The payoff is an AMAZING FEELING of accomplishment and confidence! These are vital weapons on the assault against Half-Assery. Well, GET GOING, SUPERSTAR!!! There’s enough space in the heavens for ALL of us!


;o) Fitz

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