Attitude Adjustment Series – 3 Ways to Learn, Know & Increase Your Value

Hey, this might be my last post for the year, huh!?! HAPPY HOLIDAYS Y’ALL!!! I wish I could hug all of ya’! As 2016 and my second favorite holiday (NEW YEAR’S DAY) approach I realize it’s a wrap, Folks! Yet another year we get to claim as lived through, and it treated me well! I’ve covered a LOT of ground, learned a LOT, painted on my fair share of canvas, and took my public involvement up several notches. I have HUGE plans and announcements opening up the year and I have a TON to sort out and plan. BUT, I also make it a habit to look at old work to gain perspective from past years. So, for the Resolutions being considered, I have whipped up the last installment of the ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT SERIES based in Value!

is Your mouth writing checks your a$$ can’t cash?


If you don’t know your value you’ll ALWAYS short change yourself. It’s the difference in feeling like you got away with murder OR leaving money on the table. There is an honesty I have with myself about where I fit in the world. I learned that my value is measured in necessity. How much do you need what I have to offer? I ran around for some time without a clue, just giving away time and talent. Now, I have a better idea. Several actually.

fortis Fortuna adiuvat*

susan and fitz_3

The CRP Group, back in California, got me back in the employment game after about 2 years out. These illustrations were for our company Holiday card. I made all of us employees into our kid versions!

A LOT of soul searchin’ happened in California while unemployed. With my son on the way and my daughter arriving, to go to high school, it was evident. I had to learn how to increase my value quickly! I had a GREAT network of friends while living there, but I had to get my mind right. I had to learn what I was worth when I felt I had nothing. I put my Value in employment and not in myself for too long and I was paying for it.

A happy holiday, company party! These beautiful people specialize in making people beautiful at their salon.A happy holiday, company party! These beautiful people specialize in making people beautiful at their salon.

Screenshot 2015-12-27 12.21.16Stay in your lane


I enjoy getting paid to learn. From the experience of putting this Christmas card / book together, I learned what it takes to illustrate a children’s book. It was fun capturing their personalities!

Learning about Value was Step 1 in gaining the perspective I needed and the confidence to be bold. *Fortune favors the bold!  I had to begin being realistic about a picture bigger than I wanted to be aware of.  I needed to step outside of my comfort zone and hold it together as I learned my place. You gotta know where you are to get where you’re going! If you need to make a list, go for it! Simply, know where you stand with those who will help increase your value…and identify those who will decrease it. Looking for one and not the other makes for missed opportunities and stagnation.


Creating financial stability wasn’t a concern on the radar as I worked my way up the design ladder. I wasn’t prepared. I had my eggs in one basket. Financially, I’m not that much better BUT I have my basket count is up quite nicely!


Before the Walking Dead, Norman Reedus was paying dues and David Carradine was starring in one of his last films NIGHT OF THE TEMPLAR. The type of work available on Craigslist in California was AMAZING!

I kept myself on the radar when I was unemployed, in the faces of those who would employ me or be able to set me up on projects. I found Craigslist to be SUPER helpful! This worked for some months till my network began becoming unemployed. I was taking ANYTHING I COULD to get by! Even there I saw opportunity in networking with each other and looking for projects together. Then, one day amidst the Hustle I got a phone call that put me back in the game. A company I freelanced with finally had an opening. The financial healing began.


I was taking ANY and ALL the work I could find when I was unemployed.

Step 2: The BEST way to increase your Value is to increase your use to some person place or thing. Learning how to serve reveals opportunities that an entitled disposition will overlook. Being in the wilderness of unemployment taught me that I needed to become of value quickly. Because the PTSD of unemployment is financial mortality paranoia. This fear of losing everything you own at ANY moment was and IS a driving force in how I work. I did ANY and ALL the work nobody wanted to do and put in extra hours as needed. I was the first to volunteer for anything and often the last one asked to leave.

Create a niche…your niche


GIT IN WHERE YOU FIT IN!!! The more fun I have the BETTER I know I’m doing at my job!

Step 3: Make yourself indispensable. When you know something and work to help it thrive, you know what it needs. Then, you SERVE, SERVE, SERVE it to Death! When you begin to become consistently reliable and a pleasure to work with within the inevitable, ever evolving work culture that develops organically. I’m a people person! I thoroughly enjoy the social inner workings of the corporate world. I was able to put ALL of the knowledge from the wilderness I had gained towards becoming a part of the machine, and not just a tire. I became the guy that was in charge of looking at ALL the files, cleaning them up, adding some zing and sending them off…The Finisher! Sounds like a MORTAL KOMBAT sequel.


I became what they needed so I could stay as long as I wanted! It was GREAT to be ingrained. But, I was called away by purpose like a fake @$$ Mary Poppins! I did what I loved for the time and had a BLAST with some GREAT people I’ll have in my Life forever! It would make absolutely NO SENSE to go through all this regimented lifestyle change for something you didn’t LOVE! That Love fuels the machine!

On to the next one (bonus)

These days I’m working on a grander scale and working to weave together the facets of the art community here in New Bedford. HELLUVAH niche, if I do say so myself! Why? Because in order for this Lovely City of New Bedford as a whole, reach those next levels, we’ll need an active, sharp, loving group of people to get this machine churning at top speed! I’m using the positions I hols around the community build my reputation. I’ve been able to build my reputation by:

Bonus Step: Doing what you say. I believe if you can’t do things for yourself, that you say you will, you’re lying to yourself. This makes it easier to lie to others. There is reliability and integrity in consistency. Those are the building blocks of a reputation. The concept of personal Value goes FAR deeper.

Creating your own personal list to find where you realistically fit in creates an awareness. You may be priceless, but who shares that perspective of you in their world? Who will give you a room and as long as you need? Or, who will give you week and well wishes? Who works for you and who works with you. Family-friend or a friend more like Family? The lists go on! That’s just like the ever-changing slippery slope of life. The numbers always change.



Those who are on this journey with me see the Value of work I do to create cohesion, because they are doing it themselves. We are serving the needs of the community. I plan to dance between them all pollinating ideas of collaboration to strengthen culture and community. We have ALL the components, we just need to bring them ALL together with a big GROUP HUG and get to HUMMIN’!!!

Thank you ALL for making this year a memorable one! See you in 2016…I HOPE you’re ready!!!


;o) Fitz

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