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The post USER ERROR, and a conversation with a mentor got me to thinking. I considered the difference in myself now, and just a few years ago. It didn’t take long till I was able to boil it down to excuses. I’m as creative with them as I am with art. Excuses, big & small, will keep you away from your goals no matter how GREAT your outlook on life is. Accepting them into your life as the norm, is like taking a small dose of dream killer. It doesn’t hurt right away, it lulls you with immediate gratification and a lack of discipline. It’s not until you look back and see how much time was wasted NOT chasing the adventure of your Life.

Why exist when you can Live?



Excuses keep you from even being able to form habits through consistency. Consistency is the goal fulfiller, by the way, but that’s when we get into good habits. The BIGGEST issue with excuses is that they are like Visa or MasterCard, they’re accepted everywhere. Sometimes, WE are the ones standing in our own way. I REALLY think it’s ALL the time. There are some things you need to let go of when attempting next level change. Like putting away childish things as you mature…some things don’t stop.

I am, whatever I say I am!


Sometimes I’m not sure of what to do, but that doesn’t mean I don’t know how to do it.

“Awww…she had that baby young, no way she can be a nurse now.” “He was never the same after he lost his job.”  “That’s just the way that WHOLE FAMILY is!” There are even BIGGER losses I could mention but I’m trying to also be sensitive. The BEST excuses are supported by EVERYONE around you…for years. You will ALWAYS be able to find an excuse, without even looking. Unhealthy behavior is allowed to continue because it can be extremely difficult to face facts, and then apply the necessary changes. If that’s a reality you’re stuck in it’s likely because that’s what you feel you deserve. Otherwise you’d move out of it.

tumblr_lyxi4hoRl21qcwph1o1_500YES. There are factors like disease, mental illness, abuse, neglect, etc. that can debilitate any and all progress. But with either persistence, open-mindedness, time and support a survivor story is waiting to be told. You just gotta get up. There is NO PROBLEM in the world that cannot be solved. Only solutions not applied. Nothing phenomenal EVER happened in my Life, without me walking towards it…NOTHING.

Know your enemy


If you tell me you can’t go on because you lost someone, I can only believe you. I don’t support it, but I can’t control what another thinks, till I get them thinking like me, of course! As I get on in years I notice more death, more negative and dark things, but I can’t let the world change who I am…I’m here to change the world. Resistance is the real enemy! Do you have a Life changing pursuit? If you ignore the Law of Resistance, getting blindsided is easy. I’m not sure if I mentioned the book before, The War of Art: Break Through the Blocks and Win Your Inner Creative Battles by Steven Pressfield. Sorry if I didn’t. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND it to creative types it spoke to my creative side like a self help, workout book! This is where I learned the name of MY demon, RESISTANCE.

Resistance is Not futile

Resistance will throw all kinds of excuses and perfect opportunities to use them. Don’t drink the Kool-Aid! Excuses are sweet lies we tell ourselves to sleep longer, to eat more and work less. Minutia and procrastination are the children of excuses. They will tell you you must to keep consistent with one thing to make you avoid another thing you know you should do…like reading more grants in a day! Prioritizing helps, but recognizing the enemy like a force of gravity makes it easier for me to see it creeping in. I personify it. Resistance is like that demon from that GREAT Denzel Washington film FALLEN. Irony now sets in as I remember the demon singing throughout the flick, “ti-i-i-ime is on my side…yes it is!”

There are no flies on FItz!

This was the most creative class of the year! It helped me understand that the only limits I have are the ones I set.

This was the most creative class of the year! It helped me understand that the only limits I have are the ones I set.

Being honest with your core is what’s necessary to more through resistance. Getting up means you were at least on your feet and even possibly moving in the right direction! Excuses make it feel okay to stay down. Yes, you do deserve to live your Dreams, but to make them accomplishments takes movement. You’ve got to move from one mindset to another before you can move from one lifestyle to another. Those decisions of moving into a different frame of acceptance will allow you to push Resistance back. You will NEVER eliminate resistance, you can and MUST learn to recognize, move through and live with it. As a matter of fact you DO live with it in all shapes and forms…like that Denzel-demon I mentioned.

It’s the friction in the movement towards a major goal.

Ding Dong…”It’s me!”

Resistance shows up as friend during a deadline; a death in the family; pregnancy; an accident; your current occupation, your busted a$$ ride, etc. ANYTHING keeping you from your goal qualifies. It’s the friction in the movement towards a major goal. Nothing is negative about Resistance itself, it’s natural. Think of it kinda like gravity or a fart, it’s not always pleasant. No need to take it personally. There is a payoff in being consistent with moving through resistance…resilience.


Birds of a feather

There comes a time where you can’t allow ANYTHING to be a reason to stop. I’m NOT saying ignore your responsibilities, but don’t let them own you. WE are the MASTERS of our lives, not the labels we allow to define us.

meditate series_02

I think the BEST way to maintain is to surround yourself with others who don’t bother with too many excuses. Modeling after the good habits of another is a GREAT way to jumpstart a major lock up in the flow of goals. Asking questions and being open to insights often prove to creating a valuable resource, especially when adjusting into a goal oriented lifestyle.

Git up, git out and git sumthin’


I’m the type who’d rather do the wrong thing as opposed to nothing. Mainly, because I want to be what happens and not just have things happen to me. No excuses means being an active participant in Life.

You always have a choice

Do you feel like you’re waiting for something OR going for something? Just take those steps…not just one, MANY!!! I took a challenge from a friend and now I’m a kicking a$$ in art instructing; portrait painting; I got some curating in; I’m creating custom, paper craft lessons for home schooled & public schooled children; I’m a Cultural Council member; got back into Comic classes; held down the summer with the artMOBILE; cranking up the Creative Oasis – Youth Art Project; the list does go on! Who knows what else the future holds?! I want to be know as the ART GUY in an artsy city, I figure that’s some of what I gotta do!


;o) Fitz

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