The Catapult Projects

There are jobs we take to make money and there are jobs we take for the Love. Mixed in there are those gem projects that you’d do for free, but the Universe makes it a paid gig AND you get ALL THE EXPOSURE YOU DESERVE!!! I call those Catapult Projects! These projects, I feel, are rewards for following the right path (for yourself). These projects are the supports for you to get to that next level, as they test your resolve, skill and dedication to your goals! If your not ready, get ready. Once opportunity swings by, ONLY IF YOU’RE READY will it be able to be considered luck. Otherwise, it’s just another missed opportunity. If you’re not getting prepared for something, you’re gonna be late for everything.

a celebration of life!


So nice I got to do it twice! this is the second painting of Attilio Raffa, acrylic paint on 18×20 canvas.

Ripples are what I consider the positive backlash that is perpetual. Like, residual pay from a karmic investment.

to infinity and beyond your wildest dreams!

I guess you can create a Catapult Project. But I really mean the ones that come into your life right when you need it. That  culmination of synchronicity with a dose of divine intervention to let you KNOW it’s a gift from the Universe…and it has ripples. Ripples are what I consider the positive backlash that is perpetual. Like, residual pay from a karmic investment. A better example, clients who brag and sell you to others without solicitation. They think of you exclusively for what you do and go out of their way to involve you! ALL at a fair rate or better.

The challenge

Screenshot 2015-11-17 10.37.32

This is the first painting commissioned for the memorial service.

(On November 9th I wrote) “I feel I’m about to undertake such a project in a portrait painting of Attilio Raffa. I heard about him long before meeting and he lived up to the charm everyone spoke of. I was asked by the family to do the painting, which is an honor and a privilege in itself. I feel ready and now the Universe is going to see. The time frame is tight BUT I know my limits. People pay for quality…not speed (most times). But this is a bit more than that too, I actually LOVE this Family! I Love them because I know them. I appreciate the employment at Painting With a Splash, but I appreciate the friendship and warmth they give when I see them even more.

Now, in their time of celebrating this iconic Patriarch, I plan on capturing his glow and personality in this portrait. There was a time when I wasted time thinking of how I couldn’t perform, but that was childish drama. I now approach this commission with Love and Confidence.”

…and then…


A sample painting for the R.A.P.P.P. program’s fine arts painting workshop I host.

Shortly after I wrote that I found out Attilio’s memorial service would be a week earlier than I was told. I mentioned it to someone and they said, “Well, it’s not your fault if it does get done. I was even given “an out” by Debra Trahan. Those weren’t options. I was suppose to do it. I was compelled by more than the family’s request to serve. I was serving my purpose and I did! In that moment I knew I was doing EXACTLY what I was designed to do at that EXACT aligned time.

Told you I was a superhero

Screenshot 2015-12-17 12.22.33In the Ashley Room at City Hall, The Cultural Council gathered to put our scores in for the grants this season.

Shortly after finishing the Attillio Raffa portrait I was commissioned by METAMORPHOSIS IN BLACK, Author Jim Butler.

Now, after getting that portrait done; two others; stacks of grants for the NB Cultural Council; setting up the Creative Oasis: Youth Art Project (much more to go on that); painting workshops with SouthCoast Health’s R.A.P.P.P program; Renaissance Community School For The Arts Enrichment lessons; Painting With A Splash painting sessions; volunteering at my son’s school; streamlining my social media presence; I now know I can do it…ALL! Whatever I can dream up I can actually accomplish regardless of Resistance, obstacles or time constraints. I had something to prove to myself and I DID IT!!! I HAAAVE THE POOOWEEEEER!!!

The rain is gone

The Attilio Raffa, Catapult Project, revealed to me that I’ve taken on several others of the same caliber, at the same time. They were the perfect storm of events and challenges to open me up to getting past much of myself. Together, they have launched me up through all my excuses and limiting beliefs to a mental state that has eluded me…clarity. See, I have these goals I put on hold that are now in play again! I have a childlike excitement about being able to play in my mind and conjure up what I want. Then, implementing those ideas. I’m my own genie with OODLES of tricks up my sleeve! ! I have all the juice in the Universe at my disposal, now I get to REEEALLY run with it!

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