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I feel like the first person who carved and rolled a wheel down a hill, and then disappear into the forest. I know I can do it again…but how can I spin this into something BIGGER? I have a video on Magisto that RAPIDLY hit what I guess you could call mildly viral status in a few short days! To watch the exponential climb of numbers, just over a nights sleep was/is AMAZING!!! The BEST part is that all the views, shares and likes were for something I LOVE doing! The workshop in December with the youth from Southcoast Health’s R.A.P.P.P.  Program* was based on the art of giving as well as creating the art. It was the gift that keeps on giving! As of today it’s at 4,350 views!

Just doing what I do

Magisto was recommended to me by friend, consultant and Mastermind Adventures co-creator Krysten Callina Lynch. She mentioned it at an event as we got to talking about marketing, but we didn’t get too in depth. At a later date I ran into Krysten at my brother’s birthday party! The most helpful thing she did was demonstrate how easy it was to create a striking video from the phone…at the party. I was HOOKED by the ease!

(play the video below)



The video is nothing fancy. By that I mean, I did nothing too fancy. The outcome is what makes it fancy. I shoot video and take pictures more than I change my underwear, to say that more than once a day I’m catching tidbits of Life’s action. The beauty of Magisto is it saves me time from having to go to my computer to make the promotional videos I use for business AND personal use. The app itself works GREAT but the phenomenal feature is that it will in intuitively group your videos and pictures and automatically make a film for you…that YOU can TWEAK! It’s like having a mobile video editor and I’m the Chief Editor, I can take pictures and videos out and put better ones in, I can change the song and even pick one from my own library! I dig it! It makes Life easy, and cheap as FREE!!!

Use whatcha got

Screenshot 2016-01-04 12.21.24Right now, I’m only using the free version. You can upload 10 videos and 10 pictures from your phone, which is the way to go. I’ve gone to their site on my desktop computer and made movies, but I enjoy the mobile app, on the go, operations. PLUS, you can send 15 second movies to Instagram with the click of a button. That feature isn’t available on the website. As I searched my #TheArtGuy and #TheBlackBobRoss, I found that Instagram videos helped me rank higher in the Google and Facebook search engines.


Screenshot 2016-01-04 14.01.24(UPDATE: Well, I missed the call because I was dozing off watching my son after work. As a consolation for missing the call I got 30 day FREE  trial. I was told they’ll review where I am to see where they will go afterwards. Since being upgraded I’m “sharing” all my movies over to my YouTube page, The Art Guy. I’m also downloading ALL 76 movies and counting to have them live on this site too!)

All was going well till now. Since running out of space in the internal memory of my phone I switched it to save to the 30gig SD card. I get to save my videos but I lost my eager editor who made me films without asking. The editor who used BOTH video and pictures I supplied as the field photographer. I’m having to do it all myself…I felt like we were a polished team. For some reason, technically I guess, the app can’t reach into my SD card on my phone. So, until I get a new phone I’m the video editor again.

Screenshot 2016-01-04 13.25.15

BAM!!! Kick it up a Notch!

Screenshot 2016-01-04 12.33.05Ramping up my social media this year is for the purpose of monetization and promotions is the goal. Video gets the BEST response giving me more bang for my buck. Magisto, with a host of others listed social media outlets (below) are where I have samples of art, my processes and goals. I use social media to also display what I currently do in the lovely City of New Bedford, and soon Fall River’s Durfee High School BRIDGE Program will be added to the list!

Getting the word out to the right people is critical to event planning, my fund raising for the Creative Oasis and staying employed. Figuring out how to get my voice to my audience is the key. I’m still learning and getting better, but it’s the consistency that REALLY makes the difference! Speaking of which, Holla and Folla a fella on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Periscope, Linkedin, YouTube


;o) Fitz

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* The RAPPP Program (Responsible Attitudes toward Pregnancy, Parenting & Prevention) is an adolescent pregnancy prevention program designed to be used within the curriculum of the health or science department of high school systems.

All materials, models, staff support and training are free of charge to participating schools.

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