So, here we are. Wondering how this weather is STILL so GREAT!!! It’s HARD to believe we’re getting what we deserve after last year’s GREAT WHITEOUT!!! I DO NOT think this is what the Farmer’s Almanac predicted, but I’m not mad at it! Drumming the curse away must have some GREAT residual after effects, in conjunction with the portal to the Lost City we’re holding open for ALL of New Bedford and ALL this message will reach to see! We invite you to Gallery X‘s FIRST show of the year RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARTS: JOURNEY TO ATLANTIS!!! This Saturday February 6th at 7 p.m. be prepared to view some exquisite eclectic flavor with this Atlantean display. Many of the pieces are FOR SALE (relatively curse free)!!! This time YOU are the RAIDERS!!!

We’re taking you deep!

While under the deep blue, spectators will see Life represented by Atlantis’ creative inhabitants. A look at a lifestyle and environment has ALWAYS been a rare perspective. Join us for artistic exploration, beverages, and eccentric company at the Opening Reception on February 6th, 7 p.m. to 10p.m. As you may NOT know the portal can only be held open for so long! The gallery was closed in order to maintain its stability. This year, The X will be submerged into an enchanted underwater realm. With help from a cursed painting “The Way To Lakshimi’s Heart,” the members have been able to maintain this enchanted gateway to ATLANTIS!


It takes all kinds

The pieces range from sculpture and paintings, some from found objects others hand crafted with a magical touch! Mermaids and maidens are plentiful in this exhibition, as well as interesting wildlife interpretations of creatures only seen in maritime lore. Meet the artists and feel free to inquire about their crafts. ALL are welcome to this family friendly event, Also, Gallery X is a handicap accessible facility. feel free to invite ANY you know to this unique showing!


The X-team

As curator of this show I have a bit of running around and organizing to do. Honestly, I couldn’t do it without the gracious support of core members. The SAME ones who show up ALL the time to hang art, clean, maintain and sit the gallery…not to mention special events and community involvement! I’d like to thank the members, artists and supporters of this exhibition. I appreciate ALL you do to keep this ship afloat!



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;o) Fitz

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pssst…About Renting Our Galleries

The beautiful and historic spaces of Gallery X are available for cultural or social events, public or private. Our gallery and performance spaces can be rented daily, weekly, or monthly. The former church building at 169 William St. has been transformed by Gallery X into two exhibition spaces: the Main Gallery upstairs is a large wide open space with high ceilings (20ft +) and two movable walls, and the Frederick Douglass Gallery located on the lower level. Each gallery space contains a stage for performances. There is a service kitchen on the lower level making the facility an ideal venue for hosting catered events. The building is fully handicap accessible with an access ramp, a restroom and a wheel chair lift.


For more information or to book a space call 508-992-2675 or Email Susan Hauck Gallery Executive Director (to be added to our email list. You will receive notices about upcoming exhibitions, events and classes.


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