ALL said and done…I’M HAPPY!!! The turn out was GREAT, so far some of Nik Ukleja and Suzanna Blake’s artwork sold which is REALLY the goal of these exhibitions! I enjoy showcasing art through curating and seeing the FRESH pieces, but uniting appreciation and support for an artist’s work is a GREAT FEELING!!! There were MANY familiar faces but I LOVE seeing NEW ones, ESPECIALLY those I invite!



Heather Berthelette has several pieces in the show! Her painting “The Tortuga” was my son Elijah’s favorite  painting of the night!

We may get some new members out of the exhibit too (hint hint, Heather)! Gallery X can use all the ACTIVE MEMBERS it can get! It helps with all of the regular responsibilities AND adds fresh perspectives and skill sets to our cooperative set-up! It ain’t easy but it SURE IS fun! As curator of this show I have a bit of running around and organizing to do. Honestly, I couldn’t do it without the gracious support of core members. The SAME ones who show up ALL the time to hang art, clean, maintain and sit the gallery…not to mention special events, community involvement and maybe a personal life! I’d like to thank the members, artists and supporters of this exhibition. I appreciate ALL you do to keep this ship afloat!

Charles Hauck was there to “ham it up” with “The Chicken Of The Sea” and several other new aquatic Atlantean creatures!

HOT off the press!

Getting written up in the SouthCoast Today is a SWEET BONUS too! My Friend, fellow artist, co-worker of sorts,  and contributing writer for SouthCoast Today (as an art critic), Don Wilkinson, hooked it up yet again! I enjoy the wit and perspective he adds to his articles and write ups! As a former Swain School alumni and self professed comic book nerd, his artsy knowledge far surpasses that of my own.


The turn out was better than I expected considering the snow storm the day before.

Off to a great start

Last year this time was the beginning of a rough patch for the X. We are among that which is hard to kill! The World can try as it may but we’re still standing! With ALL the faces I saw and knowing the GREAT line up of show themes I feel this year Gallery X is set to mark the spot! I will be a part of the next month’s show with some of the other members for the portrait show!

on to the next one

If you didn’t know, I LOVE doing portraits! Now, you know. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the challenge of capturing the realistic likeness of someone! Our NEXT show is titled HERE’S LOOKING AT YOU (March 2nd – March 27th) with the Opening Reception on Saturday March 5th! I can’t believe I didn’t come up with this theme for a show but I’m glad someone did! The added BONUS to this exhibit is going to be like a show in a show. The X ON X is a member’s portion of the show where we create the likeness of each other. The email I got went as follows:

Here are the results, thanks to Nik Ukleja for organizing the list!

The X on X names have been drawn, and the round-table list is now known.  Each artist is creating a portrait for the person after them on the list, with the last name looping back to the beginning to complete the circle.
1.  Fitz LaMarre
2.  Sue Hauck
3.  Niko Tarini
4.  Lori Bradley
5.  Johnny Nieman
6.  Nik Ukleja
7.  Liz LaValley
8.  Chuck Hauck
Let the portraiture commence!  We’ve got until the end of February to create a likeness, an essence, a tribute, or a caricature for our subjects, with the results going up at the gallery on Leap Day, Monday the 29th.

kickin’ it high

This portrait show is coming at a GREAT time since I JUST started a portrait painting series at Durfee High School in Fall River this week (Tuesday Feb 9th). The Portrait Series: Art Across History and Stylistic Expressions is the name of the program! It is designed to create “think tank” environment where we keep a nonjudgmental flow going so the students can absorb the creativity more efficiently. The end goal of this eight week workshop is a small portfolio of work and a self portrait to hang  as part of a mural in the high school. It seems everything is connected in the grand scheme of things on this Art Guy journey!

The Hustle continues

After the portrait show we move into the CLOTHING OPTIONAL exhibition which I’m co-curating! I curated the last ART OF THE CLASSIC NUDE in 2014 and I ALWAYS look forward to the challenge of kicking up the experience.
RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARTS: JOURNEY TO ATLANTIS is up till February 28th! See it while you can! We can ONLY keep such a magical portal open for so long!

My little guy was ALL OVER the place taking pictures and soaking up the creative juju from all the talent in the room!


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;o) Fitz

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