Hello, My Name Is Fitzcarmel Manuel LaMarre. I’m a local artist in the LOVELY City of New Bedford, MA. I’m a transplant from California by way of Miami, Florida. Today is the day Gladys Kerlegrand brought me into this world…here in Massachusetts. I was drawn here by the NEED to be closer to Family. My grandmother’s 100th birthday party swayed me. Also, since my daughter graduated high school and went back to Florida for nursing school (and family) I didn’t want to be alone without family. Instincts were right and we laid grandma to rest last year at 102.5. My father Carmelo rounds it up.

Lots of ground, so little time!


It’s been a full circle, journey! I’m in LOVE with this place because I KNEW I was meant to be here once I began to meet ALL the characters who would play out to be GREAT additions to my Family. Starting at Gallery X, I networked my way into employment all around this place and a little beyond. Part of the Love comes from being around such a willing group of people to rally behind almost every idea! I Love how much in so little time I’ve been able to be successfully a part of building. I’ve had the manifested a Lifetime opportunity to recreate and fashion myself just the way I want to be perceived and thought of by my peers. This is my shot at being the Art Guy but the NEW GUY!!! You ONLY get one shot! So, with this post I’m throwing out random facts and such about yours truly, that you may not know. If ya don’t know, now you know!

The Mary Poppins of Creativity


I don’t know how long I’m gong to be here but I KNOW I have this mission in me that needs closure before the Universe guides me off into the clouds to land on a new “need” to serve. It will likely be Haiti. I need to get that retirement spot set up!

Who am I ?/ What am I?


By the way, I’m of Haitian descent. Poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. I am NOT JAMAICAN. To ANY AND ALL YOUNG CAUCASIAN MALES ESPECIALLY, there is no need to make Bob Marley references OR attempt your best Rastafarian impersonation to achieve favor with me (OR anyone else with dreadlocks.).

For now, I’m an artist BUT I’m several types. I make the majority of my income as an acrylic paint instructor at Painting At Splash (formerly Painting With A Splash). Likely, one of the BEST instructors you’ll deal with…EVER! Not to say there are not others who are GREAT, but they are not me. I have enough folks who can vouch for me. I have the patience o the GODS if you are willing to put aside your fear and trust in the possibility, just like learning to swim. Random fact, my daughter Ellyse taught me how to swim while I was living in North Hollywood, California.

What else?


I’m a portrait painter. An active member of Gallery X, co- curating and curating shows! A well-seasoned KILLER graphic designer. I’m now working under Third Eye at Durfee High School in neighboring Fall River as a Community Partner in their Bridge Program. I regularly conduct painting workshops with the youth at Southcoast Health’s R.A.P.P.P. Program. I’ve been down with the Mastermind Adventures crew who I do art lessons and educational role playing events. It’s still too early to tell if I’ll be doing the artMobile for a third year. I was at Renaissance Community School For The Arts but my schedule ended up getting too tight!

Things got even MORE ramped up when I joined the New Bedford Cultural Council and sitting in on the PRIDE meetings for the R.A.P.P.P. Program. Launching the Creative Oasis and possible Summer art workshops will keep me busy for the better parts of the year.

My Hair Tho


My hair is a symbol of fatherhood (for me). It’s my Baby Girl’s (only girl’s) timeline is how it started. There was this whole thing with little gold markers in my hair for milestones, but I only got as far as three of them (one fell off). I’m WAAAY behind on those but good thing! I’d be looking like Rick James with real gold clanging around waiting to get robbed. Or a victim of a snatch n grab on the glistening lock.

I also have a son, Elijah. he’s quite energetic and eternally positive! He brightens EVERY part of my day! He’s one of those loving kids who is a pleasure to be around. I see myself in him but he has the confidence upgrade along with a “Daddy Package” that I didn’t come with.


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;o) Fitz

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