EforAll’s 2016 Summer Accelerator Program – Mentor Matching Magic

The fortune of being in the 2016 SUMMER ACCELERATOR Program will be established in this first paragraph. There was NO application fee (Free to apply). NO financed payments for THREE top notch mentors (Free guidance, advice & support). The intensive workshops twice a week (Free as a Jay bird). The word “free” began to bother me the more it popped up in my mind, because its connotation doesn’t give ANY value. I felt lucky before, but now I realized the information and tailored attention I’m being given in this program is PRICELESS!!!

There are SO MANY personal correlations and relationships that got me interested. I REEEALLY wanted in once I saw how it sharpened and polished people I considered sharp and polished. The MAIN draw is the custom mentoring from SUCCESSFUL PROFESSIONALS who are choosing to give their time and expertise to help me get the focus and edge I need to be a successful entrepreneur. Many of these mentors are locals, which for my business make a BIG DIFFERENCE!

eenie meenie minie moe

EforAllKeeping the 2016 SUMMER ACCELERATOR HOT this Cohort are (back row) Monique “Nique” Pichette, Latonia Francois, Judith Underwood, Jennifer Guerin, Frank Barros Jr., Manny DeBrito Jr. (front row) Silvia Correia-Thomas, Madalena “Maddi” Jezierski, (myself) Fitzcarmel LaMarre, Stephanie Borden and Janellie Duran. (DAMN, I LOVE that shirt!)

I’ve never been speed dating but I LOVE networking! If you DIDN’T know, I’m a “people person” (now you know). It’s not the kewl thing these days, but it’s who I am. Meeting my potential matches was exciting and I was ready! Jeremiah and Shelley gave us a good talkin’-to, our cheat sheets (which I DID read), some Minerva’s Pizza and off we went AFTER, giving our business pitches. Even though I KNOW we deliver a pitch EVERY session it seems to still catch me off guard. I think it’s because it keeps morphing into something and keeping up with the transformation hasn’t been easy.

Can’t we all just get along?


My NUMBER ONE goal was to find mentors that I had not just good, but GREAT CHEMISTRY!!! I will be honest and transparent in saying I DID lean a bit more towards the female gender since I KNOW I will need a woman’s perspective. We ONLY had six minutes, but luckily Manny Debrito Jr. & Frank Barros Jr., of A’s before J’s (2nd Place Winners of the E for All Pitch contest which I found my career in comedy…not winning pitch money…TANGENT.) were in front of me. They apparently, are people persons as well, buying me more time for a few more questions.



Let me rewind a bit and set the stage. This speed dating session took place at E For All’s New Bedford home base of GroundWork, a co-working (click here for details) space. Jeremiah is time keeper, giving us a gentle ring of a bell at the 3 minute mark to make sure we’re aware of any time hogging. I did a decent amount of research on these mentors. I knew MANY came back from the 2016 WINTER ACCELERATOR and had specific program insights I’m SURE would come in handy. At six minutes, Jeremiah was a bona fide networking cattle herder! I MUST say I was IMPRESSED with the mentor selection! E For All gathered a SPECIAL group of people! Come to think of it, across the BOARD that’s what they’ve done between the BOTH the entrepreneurs and the mentors. It was GREAT to be around “cream of the crop.” These are the “givers” in the business community. They are helping create MORE opportunity for EVERYONE!!!


creative_oasis_mbl_art_sessThe diversity of the mentors matches that of our cohort. I realized such a diverse pool was necessary to properly support our group. We have ALL KINDS of entrepreneurs but that’s another post! Whatever magic the computer matching program is powered by WORKS! This wizardry blessed me with what I wanted AND needed. There were so other mentors that were high on the list BUT the scheduling was another factor in play…but the Universe is kind at times…and this is one of those times. I took away a LOT from the two doses of mentor matching, damn near life changing.

the dream team

Tell you what, I have the DREAM TEAM!!! I mean, I said I wanted chemistry but I didn’t know we were makin’ TNT!!! I’ve been on PHENOMENAL business and creative teams but NEVER EVER-EVER-EVER-EVER-EVER-EVER-EVER my own thing. I could tell from those who have now met their matches, like myself, they feel the GLOW! The blissful warmth of hope shining on young social entrepreneurs, being equipped to succeed out of the gates before incurring HUGE debt or making momentum stealing mistakes. I ended up with Kate Eastman who was is my “one-two combo” as a former event coordinator and hospitality manager who is now working for New York Life as a financial planner. Another ACE in the hole is Keri Cox! She is Director of Communications and half of Medium Studios in New Bedford, graphic design and marketing. The “hay-maker” was Mike Andre CPA. He’s the tax and accounting guy with one HELL of a reputation! After out first meeting at Tia Maria’s European Cafe I KNEW we were SOLID!!! Transformation has BEGUN!!! The HUSTLEFOOT HERO is getting charged up!


My logo subtitle may change, my concept’s vision may broaden, but I know this is what I came for! I am the white light, this is the prism…getting that LASER FOCUS!!!

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  1. Cary navarro

    Your talent continues to shine through friend. Your personality also has a lot to do with your success. The fact that u are a people person makes a big difference and it’s a great thing. I love ur spirit, and your work. I admire you as a professional, and long time friend. Move forward everything is in your hands to succeed.


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