EforAll’s 2016 Summer Accelerator Program – Orientation and Program Overview

The VERY BEGINNING of the 2016 ACCELERATOR PROGRAM had us off and running! I have the pleasure of being associated with members of the previous cohort. I just about interviewed a couple of them, lucky for me the next brain I was going to pick was our speaker for the day, Man Of The Hour, Aaron Wilson of LEAD THE BASELINE!

“Lead the Baseline helps people establish their baseline and teaches practical leadership skills, growing people into the leaders they want to be.”

– Aaron Wilson

This Dude is doin’ it!!!


Aaron Wilson and I know each other from our work together at MASTERMIND ADVENTURES role playing events! His energy and genuine enthusiasm are infectious! I was happy to see EForAll gave us someone to give us a first hand account as to what we could expect. What I didn’t know was that he decided to quit his new job to dive head first into his dream as a public speaker, mentor and entrepreneur! This guy is ALL OVER the place these days, television appearances, social media presence, upcoming book, teen mentoring and MORE! I even ran into him recently at the Physicians To Prevent Opioid Abuse with a group he’s mentoring. He’s a TRULY INSPIRATIONAL speaker and his story hits home since we are in his shoes now.

Just before we got formally introduce Aaron we introduced ourselves the good ole EforAll way and laid down some ever evolving business pitches!



Hearing about Aaron’s relationship with his mentor’s in the program has been a recurring theme among the last cohort, but to see what the program has done for him is AMAZING! He’s a polished, focused, entrepreneur with a sharp pitch and GREAT idea of his customer and client base…he hangs out with them! His vision for passing on the value of mentoring teens was obvious and apparent when he introduced me to members of his Teen Group from New Bedford Parks, Beaches and Recreation’s Andrea McCoy Recreation Center (at the park event). Sporting t-shirts with positive affirmations his group’s participation was noticed!


From the horse’s mouth

Speaking on his challenges of being held accountable by his mentors, finding work after leaving a “secure” gig and meeting the challenges of the developing his brand an getting his name out in his field sounded daunting to me. As I learned from Aaron and other key people in my Life, that with the right support ANYTHING is possible!

As Aaron expanded on applying the knowledge he gained from the 2015 WINTER ACCELERATOR, he let us know how he positioned himself with the right Key Partners from his “working days” to leverage into paying engagements and mentoring. Seeing how these workshops unfold, I’m better understanding that it ALL works when you KNOW your customer. Seeing the implementation in action, and getting the details from Aaron’s firsthand account, drives the importance of the thorough methods we’re given figure out who EXACTLY we are serving…and how to cater to their needs and pain.


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