Physicians to Prevent Opioid Abuse Campaign: Reclaiming New Bedford From Addiction

It’s not just “A small world” in the City of New Bedford, when it comes to networking, business and downright everything else; it’s compressed and and overlapping like the BEST game of TWISTER you EVER played! The networking is good and the opportunities run deep if you are focused, consistent and deliver…among other things.
Running into a Facebook friend Dr. Michael Rocha at BVO (Big Value Oulet) turned into something more when I realized I was also already a degree in contact with him through his his two sons in my painting sessions. The doctor and I have met a few times and there are BIG PLANS in the future for the Boys & Girls Club of Greater New Bedford and myself in the near future! What I didn’t know is that I’d end up working with the lovely and talented entrepreneur Tracy Barbosa (who has had her daughter in my last Gesture Drawing & Comics classes)! Class was in session for me as there were two major projects we needed to tackle! Along with being in the 2016 EforAll ACCELERATOR PROGRAM, June proved to be the month that things kicked up SEVERAL NOTCHES!


My professionalism and detail awareness was put to the test while working with Tracy. I would start something, like the proposals, and she would polish and adjust the HELL out of it by fleshing out details and improving presentation. She was easy to work with, going with the flow. Like at the first event on the June 11th, Community walk and family health fair on the opioid issue in New Bedford.  Mayor John Mitchell was in attendance as well, at Buttonwood Park Zoo. In the middle of our set up the site shifted the location to accommodate power. She “pivoted” her silhouette activity into a clean backdrop for the #TurnTheTide photo opportunity because the sun wouldn’t cooperate! Her second activity gave birth to the second project for the Town Hall meeting at “the Z” (Zeiterion Theater).

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On June 22nd the was another stride by Physicians to Prevent Opioid Abuse. was made! The Community Town Hall Organized to Discuss Crisis in Opioid Addiction and Overdoses held at the Z opened more dialog and is keeping the subject of this addiction out in the open and on the table. Local physicians and healthcare professionals collaborated with police, city officials, and with people and families suffering from substance abuse issues to take a stand and show solidarity and continued the discussion about creating answers. Even for myself, working on this project has helped me look at this addiction with more sensitivity and compassion.

Screenshot 2016-06-24 22.09.08http://capeandislands.org/post/organizers-seek-turn-tide-new-bedfords-opiate-crisis#stream/0



With the prayer flags designed by children and participants from the walk around Buttonwood Park Zoo event Tracy, Chris Swanson (Tracy’s husband and local comedian) and I created a blue sky backdrop to attach the flags on. Tracy’s studio at The Ropeworks  didn’t have the space for the two 10×10 canvas pieces we were working on, but she was able to get us space at Hatch Street Studios through John at John at Darn It Inc. Left and right I was impressed and strove to keep up! I understand why she got second prize with the last 2015 WINTER ACCELERATOR cohort…she’s a woman on FIRE!!!

It’s been an honor and a pleasure thus far and I walk in gratitude for the opportunities the Universe blessed me with and through. This small city has become home and I feeling the support from more directions than ever! Thank you ALL for riding this timeline with me!

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