#CohortLove – The EforAll Southcoast 2016 Summer Accelerator Experience – Part One

Bittersweet describes this experience for me in one word. I feel like life is the same with its good and evil, positive and negative, black / white and so on. These last twelve weeks have challenged me but even better it’s proven some things. The Creative Oasis concept has quenched some of my needs too. It’s introduced me to the business world equipped. Even MORE, equipped to get the answers I need if I can’t figure it out. These valuable resources are the difference in who I was as an entrepreneur and who I can be. I learned “The Entrepreneur” is a builder of Dreams. EforAll South Coast gave me the tools to build whatever I want. I’m building the answer. The answer to get New Bedford up “the lists” of Top Cities for Artists. The answer to at-risk youth having options for their futures (without student loans). Which will ALSO be the answer to supplementing art education need in ALL systems of education.

I see why the world needs me (and Vice Versa)

I work from logical places in my brain (I play from other places…another story tho. I ask my brain questions, it processes something and gives me answers. Sometimes right away, sometimes much, much longer. If I don’t ask the right questions, I don’t get good answers. If I ask nothing…I get nothing. It’s a simple process. QUESTION: So, why not create a business that answers issues of the community? Because I needed to do it and be made aware of the, opportunity is why? Only I could do it because no one else in New Bedford has my custom experience with so many art programs all over the Southcoast, with all school age kids. Public, Private OR Home school…art IS a requirement. Oh yeah, and I give a damn too.

14034771_912730512166928_6517664249866014602_nEforAll’s 2016 Accelerator Cohort: Judith Underwood – Blue Institute of Cape Cod, Jennifer Guerin – Blooming Artisan, Latonia Francois – Let’s Write Life, Manny Debrito Jr. – As Before Js, Maddi Jezeirski – Noodle Bowl, Frank Barros Jr.,Silvia Correia-Thomas – Victornee, Monique Pitchette – Cannabis Nurse navigator, Stephanie Borden – One & Done and myself Fitzcarmel LaMarre – Creative Oasis: Destination Painting Mobile Art Sessions

Being the change

I care about kids, families and community enough to do something about it. What is “it”? It is the need, the thirst for creative outlet that only art provides. The New Bedford Cultural Council has released a survey revealing that 78% of those polled feel and unmet need of the community is art education in schools. I’m an art coach and a magician once I have at paint and canvas. As I walk in and around all these schools I see the eyes light up when I walk around with my paintings. I tell them ALL I can teach them…what they don’t know is I WILL. The Creative Oasis is a multifaceted entity like myself. I plan on reaching out further than free art programs for kids. The site I build will go into GREAT detail, but what I will tell you is that I’m looking to make art free. Let me rephrase that. I want to FREE ART.

I’m in search of the FREEDOM of art from it’s oppression in schools and artist’s paradigm of lack. FREE ART is a chant expressing that one can create and explore creativity as you should the same for ALL basic needs. It should NOT be limited to trickles of creativity and the pressure of standardized testing which has replaced it. Because art is NOT free. It comes at a cost.

QUESTION: So, why not create a business that answers issues of the community?

–Fitzcarmel LaMarre


The A Teams

It’s all coming together like MOST things have since learning to “go with the flow.” Between the Accelerator Program helping me identify Key Partners like Southcoast Health’s R.A.P.P.P. Program, Mastermind Adventures, Lead the Baseline, New Bedford Whaling Historical National Park, New Bedford Cultural Council, New Bedford Boys & Girls Club and further coordinate them into my teen mentoring program and streams of revenue. I also have GREAT cohort members involved in youth mentoring like As Before Js team of Manny DeBrito Jr. and Frank Barros Jr.  and Let’s Write Life’s trailblazing owner Latonia Francois and husband “Werkin'” Herkins. Get Aaron Wilson & Kryten Lynch Callina involved and were talking “convention status”…feel me? This is less of a Dream and more of a Vision.

Screenshot 2016-07-13 16.00.27_edit

Catching up is always fun

I haven’t had time to write while in the Accelerator workshops and mentor meetings added to the schedule, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have a LOT to say and DEFINITELY a lot going on! Shelley Cardoos thinks I’m long winded on Facebook, so I’m keeping my long rants here in blogville to mix it up. I want folks to see how I’m putting it ALL together as I roll out the posts, pictures and videos. This is the way I want to document the process. I’m going to be quite candid with little concern for my ideas being stolen, mainly because I know the difficulty of this endeavor is like portrait painting in the art world…there ARE mistakes. Contrary to popular belief there ARE mistakes you can make in art, which I can say the same for being an entrepreneur…I get it now. Even the mistakes are wins because I’m constantly learning and processing. My journey will be so precise it will be obvious if you’re following it to make it your own… I welcome those challenges. If you feel you have a BETTER answer please stand up. I’m ALL ears.


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A LOT has happened this year GREAT and HORRIBLE; LOSS and GAIN, but we’re still here. We’re LIVING…so PLEASE do that.  I’m EASY to find via social media. You can find and follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, YouTube, SnapChat (iamtheartguy). I’m easy to talk with…HOLLA!!!

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4 observations on “#CohortLove – The EforAll Southcoast 2016 Summer Accelerator Experience – Part One
  1. Nique Pichette

    You are simply amazing. The eforall experience has been life changing for all of us. I am extremely blessed that I had this opportunity with all of you, because something magical happened here that usually is unheard of.
    There was no competition. We built a platform to help each other grow. We polished each other’s weaknesses in a microcosm of positive energy where our fears were erased by pure, genuine respect for each other.
    Life changing indeed Fitz. You are amazing. An artistic engineer. Your father is right. You have mastered the art of bringing life back to those who have lost it.
    Thank You,


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