As much as I write about things around the City and of all the hustling I get done in the City, working with the Home Schooling community has ALWAYS been some of the MOST rewarding! From my FIRST session to the latest, it’s given me a glimpse of what the future of education will be, and what I can do to help move that vision along!

There is a future for education

Working in the public school system, having my son in private school,  and being a home school educator, I’ve had the fortune of seeing three different models of education. ALL of which NEED art and creative components in the curriculum…ALL of them. I see the future of education resting comfortably in homeschooling! The custom education and community around the idea are by far the most effective financially and in scholarly terms. Education is 24 hours seven days a week. Not like the buildings kids are corralled into like MOST forms of education. I was raised in public schools and things end up fine if, you’re working with what you have or what you’re not in a place, that’s fine. I know if most parents could have the vantage point I do they would likely be considering home school education…like me.

I know if most parents could have the vantage point I do they would likely be considering home school education…like I AM.

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The home school community saved me from becoming jaded towards educating kids. I enjoy the parental involvement and the lack of policing I need to do with these youngsters. It’s RIGHT to the lessons and learning! In the beginning, I was just doing art events and then it turned into regular art classes at Andrea McCoy Recreation Center in New Bedford. Then, the MOST FUN THING OF ALL came about…EDUCATIONAL ROLE PLAYING EVENTS with none other than the innovative brains at Mastermind Adventures LLC!!!

I gotta give credit where it’s due and if it weren’t for the BEST BIG BROTHER IN THE WHOLE DAMN WORLD, Lloyd Lamarre, I wouldn’t have gotten this far. He introduced me to Krysten & Jason Callina. Not only that, I get to work with my brother too! Stay tuned, we’ll be doing Home school 2 in 1’s pretty soon! Fusing art and math! This is what is known as GAME CRUSHING. Being able to be innovative and creative while having fun! Put that in your “core value” pipe and smoke it!


I love what I do…and the people I do it with?

Working with Krysten and JJason Callina at Mastermind Adventures LLC has challenged me to create curriculum and activities that get results. I believe I can teach anyone, with the patience to be as patient as I will, how to paint or draw. Being creative is innate, how we express it is what varies. Acting, role playing, educating are things I never thought I’d get paid for on the east coast ESPECIALLY coming from Cali (by way of Florida, but born in Boston). MOST IMPORTANTLY I get to PLAY!!! I LOVE IT!!! The spontaneity is the charm with the role playing events. Even in the classes I create challenging assignments that end up being fun. The process has opened my mind up to being a MASTERMIND ADVENTURER!!!

Education should be fun

The parental involvement is a HUGE plus too! I don’t have behavior problems EVER. I get to teach and inspire from start to finish! The parents are as interested in the subjects as much as the kids, often times. Well, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Having that kind of support is ANY educators DREAM! The social aspect is something I’ve made a point of bringing out. We play music, share our goals and just talk about what’s on our mind…as we’re being creative. I enjoy bringing young people out of their shells and into their personalities. I DO remember what it was like to be a kid. I STILL don’t wanna grow up…


Gulliver Morris I presume

The FIRST event I became Gulliver Morris, Professor of Herbology…appropriate I thought. I helped the children protect themselves from the dark arts by creating protective Green Man masks and enchanting them further! The outcomes are ALWAYS more creative than I anticipate, and THAT’S where the magic is for me! Staying in character is a BLAST!!! I enjoy being myself, but when I get a chance to be someone else…I JUMP AT IT!!! Halloween is my FAVORITE HOLIDAY by the way. Once I got a taste of being immersed in a magical, educational, improve session I couldn’t wait for the next one.

All aboard the eaglesclaw express

Professor Morris returned for a another adventure aboard the Eaglesclaw Express in Fall River at the State Line Pier. On our way to a magical dimension our trip was cut short when we were attacked by magic munching chizpurfles! A train FULL of new prospects to Eaglesclaw banned together with spells and incantations to rid us of the infestation. Fortunately, we were successful…and the magic lives on!

I wear several hats, faces or personalities since working with Mastermind! I’ve been a professor to young wizards; Hercules to the youngsters at Camp Half Blood; the radio DJ personality of WZAN: Zombie Apocalypse Network at the LOVE BITES! Nerf War Game. It’s GREAT to be someone else for a change! I’m EXTREMELY GRATEFUL to be able to be apart of something SO special! Thank you for your support and a platform to flourish creatively AND make a living!

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