Creative Oasis: The Mission

Pondering over what I’ve learned this year through EforAll Southcoast’s Accelerator Program and the School of Hard Knocks have my gears whizzing like CRAZY!!! I have direction and fuel to get this operation functioning at peak capacity. But where am I going with this idea, goal, responsibility? What is the CREATIVE OASIS? What am I doing with this business? My answer…what NEEDS to be done. In EVERY DAMN WAY POSSIBLE I will be QUENCHING CREATIVE THIRST!!! I plan on alleviating the stress of the times by providing the public venues with creative outlets. I plan on revolutionizing education system with what is foolishly being reduced in at schools…Art.

Come to think of it

Come to think of it, factory workers don’t need to be creative at their monotonous occupations. I’ve worked in a factory and in warehouses, and I wasn’t hired because of my SAT scores. Isn’t that what the school system is for? To churn out lightly oppressed individuals trained to carry out tasks which require rigid “hoop jumping” from overworked and underpaid authorities. As long as privatized prisons are built according to the failure rate of 3rd graders’ standardized test, we’ll ALWAYS need doses of perspective to regulate our reality. So, why should art be in schools? Because it’s OBVIOUS there is a problem.

Art is the answer

The answer to customizing individual education systems to maximize educational opportunities…anywhere. What other vehicle can Science, Social studies, religion, anthropology, you name it, Art can teach it all. I know because it’s how I learn. I’m a “visual learner.” I figured this out at an early age because it’s how I learned. Whatever they were doing in public school was for some else’s genius, not mine. I knew I was an artist because I felt “the flow” come to me before I could talk. My earliest memories are of drawing. It’s what taught me how to write because I was already confident with a pencil. I know I’m talented, but that’s NOT what got me here. As I share with MANY people, there are MANY talented homeless folks out there. When art becomes a lifestyle and not a hobby, you will not rely on inspiration to complete your tasks, you control it. You won’t look for opportunities, you’ll create them or even better…they will find you.


GIve it away!!! GIVE IT AWAY!!! GIVE IT AWAY, now!!!

Art has given and taught me the virtue of patience. I’ve been able to apply this patience in EVERY facet of my life. It’s given me confidence, the ability to make a living and do what I LOVE! Being creative is the ULTIMATE in experience for me, and I am attached to the flow CONSTANTLY. I can produce what I want, the way I want and EXACTLY the way it looks in my head. Creating something out of nothing is REAL MAGIC!!! Creating visual illusions and imagery on two dimensional surfaces amazes me too! So guess what I’m going to do? I’m going to share it! Yup, I’m going to share it with the youth through the CREATIVE OASIS: YOUTH MENTORSHIP & ETIQUETTE PROGRAM. I want to groom and train young artists to make a living and contribute to their community actively, not in the passive state lacking connection.


Please “friend,” “follow,” and come out and see what’s going down around town! If you have ANY ideas for painting or need or have questions on commissions or ANYTHING, I’m EASY to find via social media. You can find and follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, YouTube. I’m easy to talk with…HOLLA!!!


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