2016, I Hope The Doorknob Hits You On The Way Out! Year In Review.

I don’t know what the future holds, but I can tell you what’s happened! I feel like I have moved into another level of awareness. For some years I’ve ONLY been familiar with “change as a constant,” but now it’s all settling down. I’ve created stability when I didn’t expect it. I’m stoked about the future and have met most of my professional goals and then some. But personally, I’m DONE with 2016! It’s been as rough as it has been phenomenal. It’s been a test and if we get to 2017 we’ve passed…because so many GREATS, in my Life, won’t  see it. This year opened with the untimely demise of one of my DEAREST friends, things didn’t let up much after that. I just kept going…I have too.

Through the Fire

2017 will start off with a TON of professional momentum from this year. My Creative Oasis, multifaceted, entrepreneurial venture just got two grants approved to further the community outreach programs I’ve develpoed. I have two high school interns I’m training in the ways of the Independent Artist through the Creative Oasis: Mentoring and Training Program. The Spring time also brings back the Creative Oasis: Free Youth Arts Project for its second year. I’ll be teaming up with Dr. Celina Pina on an Art Therapy series for women who have suffered traumatic loss. I won 3rd Prize in this quarter for EforAll South Coast’s 2016 Accelerator Program, giving me the funds to branch outside of New Bedford with novelty paint sessions. The New Bedford 2016 Pub Crawl through the New Bedford Local Cultural Council went VERY well, giving locals and visitors a chance to hit new and established venues around the downtown area.


To Infinity And Beyond…New Bedford

Outside of New Bedford, I’m the newest edition to the Fall River Schools art Resiliency Preparatory Academy. This position is HUGE as it has given me a base in Fall River to being to learn that area. I had a speaking engagement at Tabor Academy, in Marion, that stirred my interest in public speaking. I was a wizard a couple times, wand and all, with Mastermind Adventures in a castle and on a train.


So Much in so little

Even after writing all that there is more that comes to mind. I feel like a decade of events, greatness and nonsense have occurred this bittersweet year. I realize I need to slow down. Just because you’re a speedster doesn’t mean you have to run around all day. Like most superheroes who realize their capabilities, you take them for a ride. I’m progressing to another level, but it’s all still new and will likely always feel new. I want to forge ahead with implementation of my projects, but I need to expand. I need to expand my thinking and draw upon what this year has taught me.

It feels like everybody took some lumps this 2016…to the very end. Yes, it’s made me stronger but that doesn’t mean it still doesn’t hurt.


Closer to 100% me

I’m happy to be alive and healthy. It feels like everybody took some lumps this 2016…to the very end. Yes, it’s made me stronger but that doesn’t mean it still doesn’t hurt. I learned to listen to the part of me I’ve always trusted. I’ve listened to this small voice, in my head, grow louder and more confident. The more I listen to it the closer I get to where I want to be. I allowed my ego to speak over that intuition for too long. The more I listened, trusted and followed through the STRONGER and more confident this guidance became. I feel after this year it’s transitioning to the front of my train of thought…and I like it!

My wish for 2017

I hope and strive to be a better version of myself than last year. I want to meditate, get a yoga and fitness routine going and organize my Life more. I challenge you to do the same. I challenge you not to take the easy way out, to go the road less traveled, and get out of your comfort zone. The activation of Dreams hang out there…so do I. Peace to you and yours.

I Love you, If you didn’t already know


;o) Fitz

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One observation on “2016, I Hope The Doorknob Hits You On The Way Out! Year In Review.
  1. Cary Navarro

    Fitz I am so happy to know that you are doing so well. That your goals are being not only met but surpassed. You are truly an amazing human being and have been since you were a little boy. So glad to know you and have spent my childhood and adolescence with you through school years. Stay on top of your game. Make it all great because in the end it’s only you who can.

    Much love

    Your friend Cary


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