Forge Of Empires Forge Points 2021 //

06/09/2019 · Forge points stocking. Thread starter Ilizon; Start date Sep 5, 2019; Ilizon Private. Sep 5, 2019 1 Is it possible to modify the game in the way of depositing all of generated fp into the stock inventory, instead of the bar? Or a feature to being able to transfer the fp from the bar to inventory. 25/09/2013 · And the first forge point is 200 coins unless it has been changed. Reactions: Hunt_You_Down. Aionwafu. Sep 25, 2013 19 Based on my personal experience, what gives us the points is collecting Produce and Coins also when building new structures points increased depends on the cost of the structure. Pzkpfwv1d. 07/05/2013 · I'd like more ways of getting Forge points. I need them for the tech. tree and for Great Buildings. PvP, trading, accumulating gold and supplies etc all fine but don't help me. Can't PvP reward us with both medals and/or Forge points? I need 3000 medals for my next free expansion. I don't need expansion right now. 19/03/2018 · I've noticed some players progress through the ages very slowly because they put all their forge points toward great buildings. As a result, they are often at the top of their neighborhood. Then there's people who zoom through the ages as fast as possible. Which is a better use of forge points, research or leveling up great buildings? 3. Value of Forge Points needed to reach its current level is 0, as no Forge Points were spent so far. As soon as your Statue of Zeus reaches level 1, its value will increase by 600 points, because reaching level 1 requires 40 Forge Points, and 1 Forge Points is worth 15 ranking points.

So here are the 10 top methods to collect Forge of Empires Diamonds! In no particular order, lets begin! Method One: FREE Diamonds With the Forge of Empires Method! Forge of Empires Tips have discovered an effective, simple and easy way to get Forge of Empires. 09/08/2012 · How do you get forge points? Doorsey. Jul 7, 2012 2 You get 1 every hour unless you have the max of 10. If you have none and an hr is too long to wait you click the plus sign next to your point tracker and either use you gold the cost goes up each time you buy or you can purchase diamonds to buy them. kaia. Jul. 12/12/2019 · i just got my 1st great building in the ground Aachen cathedral or Dom. looking for support to get it to level 1. thanks for your help.

Forge Points: Los Forge Points son su oportunidad de hacer progresar su imperio. Los necesitan para explorar nuevas tecnologías y comerciar los bienes, así como también subir de nivel los Grandes Edificios. Cada hora obtendrán otro Forge Point, que también. publiée par L'équipe Forge of Empires le 26/11/2019 à 20:12. Forgiennes et Forgiens, La mise à jour 1.166 aura lieu le mercredi 27 novembre. Comme d'habitude, il y aura une courte interruption des serveurs pendant la mise à jour et nous vous prions de nous excuser pour ce.

05/01/2012 · Just so people know the maximum Forge points you can have sitting idle in the top centre of the screen is 10 after that you will not get any more until you use some. I found this out this morning as I logged in the last section of the Forge point bar filled.

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