Self taught

Hello and welcome to a virtual slice of myself…a piece of my mind. I figure everyone’s favorite subject is themselves. So, here’s where I go on about myself a bit so you know where I’m coming from. While quite young I had creative curiosities that needed answering but there was a drive that had me search in solitude. This awareness gave me a space to learn without the negative judgement, I learned to use that later. I found value in the confidence I was able to give myself by teaching myself to sketch and mimic comics. At the end of a class, book, course, workshop, there comes a time where you must teach yourself how to use a tool for your purposes. Finding out my own processes of learning has been an EXTREMELY useful utility which I have been able to use in many other facets of my life.

Where the edge comes in teaching oneself a craft to is in the lack of judgement. That alone time was and is key! Once I made enough mistakes to realize I was learning, I had no more fear of learning and asking questions…yes, to myself. All those mistakes happened during long hours (which turned to years) of practice, the more the better. It’s the equivalent to a fitness workout, except in a creative sense. BUT, you can only do so much alone. At this stage in the game I’m needing to branch out, collaborate and fuse all the streams of creativity I have access to.  I have SO MUCH I want to do and even MORE that I want to add to my creative utility belt!

Being versatile and open minded with my artistic styles has created the opportunity for me to support myself as an artist. I find fulfillment and contentment spreading Love and Empowering folks as The Art Guy!


Mind over matter

I taught myself to paint at a fast pace because I learned to remove negative emotional baggage from my creative process. I believe this is possible for anyone to do in many facets of live to achieve mastery in a practice. I only look to summarize accurate shapes, tones and whatever else to mimic a realistic image when I began portrait painting in 2013. All the other emotional nonsense only got in the way of better decisions. I started with black and white paints, though. I’m not stupid, I needed momentum to get my juju hummin’! The fear I did have about painting in color was created by my limiting belief system (that’s where ALL of mine are usually created). I enjoy the creative process of breaking through those limiting beliefs and I create something I thought I could not.

Sketch Image 1 Fitz Final

Being the change

I look to make art a household component again and not just an elective or extra curricular activity outside of the home. Teaching art instruction through the New Bedford Art Museum/Artworks’ Artmobile, Renaissance Community School for the Arts Enrichment Program or Painting With A Splash painting sessions, I see a love of art but a fear of judgement when there should be none. I want to use art to heal the hurt, to build bonds between friends, families, businesses and empower communities as a whole. It’s not just what I want…it’s what I’m doing. This is me being an active participant in being the Change. I’m not doing this for the money, I’m doing it because I LOVE IT!!! I know the money will come if I keep pursuing what I Love. I get to watch people use and expand their creative awareness. Seeing imaginations at work, breaking new ideas is like being a creative midwife.

The Future of the Hustle

Other endeavors I’d like to soon embark upon would be painting murals privately and commercially, a graphic novel concept or two (way more), several children’s books and whatever other artistic challenge the Universe sends my way. As I grow my body of work and services I will continually challenge myself to further polish the blessing and share what I know with whoever wants to learn.