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It’s A Renaissance Thing!

I have the pleasure of being a part of the Renaissance Community School Of The Arts Enrichment Program team! I have the freedom to create lessons and worksheets that I then makes samples for and then implement from kindergarten to third grade. I recall back at Skyway Elementary School there was an after-school program where we did art and I remember vaguely an artsy guy helping facilitate it. I got to explore art freely and be the ¨kewl¨ kid for a change…then the program got cancelled. I feel now I get the chance to be that guy for some kids! I enjoy being where the need is in the community and serving that need, not much else has fulfilled me more! Read More

Painting With A Splash! – First Wave – Part I

Confessions of an Acrylic Painting Instructor

Hello, my name is Fitz and I’m a painting instructor, confidence builder, photo bomber and dance partner at Painting With a Splash in the bubbling City of New Bedford, Massachusetts! Working as an artist has its challenges but this new business model came right on time to make my life a little easier. Of the art jobs that I’ve been exposed to this one is the MOST fun and engages my personality more than anything I’ve ever done. I meet new people and make new friends all of the time, while surfing a creative wave into the final product…an original painting of your creation! I also get to drink on the job…how many people can say that?

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The Start of Something…

The time is now

I welcome you to my virtual visual home with swirls of text to tantalize, entertain and even inform at times! Feel free to show some love, leave questions or comments below (or anywhere else) if the need hits you! Thank you for taking time to check out  my conceptual real-estate and I hope you stay a while and come often!

In trying to think of what my first post should be I landed on the idea of how this site came about…FINALLY!!!

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