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EforAll’s 2016 Summer Accelerator Program – Mentor Matching Magic

The fortune of being in the 2016 SUMMER ACCELERATOR Program will be established in this first paragraph. There was NO application fee (Free to apply). NO financed payments for THREE top notch mentors (Free guidance, advice & support). The intensive workshops twice a week (Free as a Jay bird). The word “free” began to bother me the more it popped up in my mind, because its connotation doesn’t give ANY value. I felt lucky before, but now I realized the information and tailored attention I’m being given in this program is PRICELESS!!!

There are SO MANY personal correlations and relationships that got me interested. I REEEALLY wanted in once I saw how it sharpened and polished people I considered sharp and polished. The MAIN draw is the custom mentoring from SUCCESSFUL PROFESSIONALS who are choosing to give their time and expertise to help me get the focus and edge I need to be a successful entrepreneur. Many of these mentors are locals, which for my business make a BIG DIFFERENCE!

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I’m a FINALIST in EforAll’s 2016 Summer Accelerator Program!!!

It was announced about two weeks ago in an email from EforAll’s Program Manager Jeremiah Hernandez (of U.G.L.Y. Gallery fame), that I’m a FINALIST in the 2016 SUMMER ACCELERATOR PROGRAM!

Here’s a program description: Entrepreneurship for All (EforAll) Finalists [in the ACCELERATOR] receive three months of incredible mentorship & weekly workshops, free office space, access to technical experts, and the opportunity to compete for $30,000 in cash prizes to launch your business.

This is what I’M IN Happy People!!!

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Hello, My Name Is Fitzcarmel Manuel LaMarre. I’m a local artist in the LOVELY City of New Bedford, MA. I’m a transplant from California by way of Miami, Florida. Today is the day Gladys Kerlegrand brought me into this world…here in Massachusetts. I was drawn here by the NEED to be closer to Family. My grandmother’s 100th birthday party swayed me. Also, since my daughter graduated high school and went back to Florida for nursing school (and family) I didn’t want to be alone without family. Instincts were right and we laid grandma to rest last year at 102.5. My father Carmelo rounds it up.

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The Grant is FUNDED!!! The Creative Oasis: Youth Arts Project Will be SPRINGING UP!!!

For weeks I’ve been holding on to confidential info about the grants and scoring on December 14th, 2015 for the New Bedford Cultural Council (NBCC). I’m not much of a fan of having to keep ANYTHING bottled in…especially GREAT NEWS!!! I’ve been more giddy than anything. But NOW is the time! The CREATIVE OASIS: YOUTH ARTS PROJECT grant I submitted (offering FREE art sessions in New Bedford) HAS BEEN FUNDED!!! At this time I have yet to ask where my grant landed in the grand scheme of the numbers. All I know is it sounded like it received high scores from my fellow council members. I had to recuse myself from voting on my own and a few of the ones related to the Renaissance Community School For The Arts, of course. What I didn’t know was that I’d find out how much the grants would be receiving in funding. THAT’S when I perked up again!

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Attitude Adjustment Series – 3 Ways to Learn, Know & Increase Your Value

Hey, this might be my last post for the year, huh!?! HAPPY HOLIDAYS Y’ALL!!! I wish I could hug all of ya’! As 2016 and my second favorite holiday (NEW YEAR’S DAY) approach I realize it’s a wrap, Folks! Yet another year we get to claim as lived through, and it treated me well! I’ve covered a LOT of ground, learned a LOT, painted on my fair share of canvas, and took my public involvement up several notches. I have HUGE plans and announcements opening up the year and I have a TON to sort out and plan. BUT, I also make it a habit to look at old work to gain perspective from past years. So, for the Resolutions being considered, I have whipped up the last installment of the ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT SERIES based in Value!

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Creative Oasis – Logo Design

For MANY MANY moons I’ve been known as a graphic designer. Many, except for the Lovely City of New Bedford, know me as a graphic designer. Recently, I had to go back to those digital design roots…for me! It’s coming in handy these days to be able to knock out some promo stuff for myself and kinda lay low, but the game ALWAYS finds a way to drag me in. This CREATIVE OASIS: YOUTH ARTS PROJECT came almost out of nowhere, and has been more than spoken into existence, it’s almost creating itself!

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