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Creative Oasis: The Mission

Pondering over what I’ve learned this year through EforAll Southcoast’s Accelerator Program and the School of Hard Knocks have my gears whizzing like CRAZY!!! I have direction and fuel to get this operation functioning at peak capacity. But where am I going with this idea, goal, responsibility? What is the CREATIVE OASIS? What am I doing with this business? My answer…what NEEDS to be done. In EVERY DAMN WAY POSSIBLE I will be QUENCHING CREATIVE THIRST!!! I plan on alleviating the stress of the times by providing the public venues with creative outlets. I plan on revolutionizing education system with what is foolishly being reduced in at schools…Art.

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#CohortLove – The EforAll Southcoast 2016 Summer Accelerator Experience – Part One

Bittersweet describes this experience for me in one word. I feel like life is the same with its good and evil, positive and negative, black / white and so on. These last twelve weeks have challenged me but even better it’s proven some things. The Creative Oasis concept has quenched some of my needs too. It’s introduced me to the business world equipped. Even MORE, equipped to get the answers I need if I can’t figure it out. These valuable resources are the difference in who I was as an entrepreneur and who I can be. I learned “The Entrepreneur” is a builder of Dreams. EforAll South Coast gave me the tools to build whatever I want. I’m building the answer. The answer to get New Bedford up “the lists” of Top Cities for Artists. The answer to at-risk youth having options for their futures (without student loans). Which will ALSO be the answer to supplementing art education need in ALL systems of education.

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HAIR OF THE DOG @ Buzzard’s Bay Brewing August 6th presented by Creative Oasis


Want to try something familiar…with a TWIST!?! Come join us and be a part of CREATIVE OASIS: DESTINATION PAINTING & MOBILE ART SESSIONS “Pilot Painting Party” at the GORGEOUS BUZZARD’S BAY BREWING in Westport, MA., for HAIR OF THE DOG: Destination Painting Party 001! The Universe worked out my FIRST CHOICE by popular demand and good luck! BUT there’s even MORE that motivates me to own a piece of the “art game.”  READ ON... Read More

Physicians to Prevent Opioid Abuse Campaign: Reclaiming New Bedford From Addiction

It’s not just “A small world” in the City of New Bedford, when it comes to networking, business and downright everything else; it’s compressed and and overlapping like the BEST game of TWISTER you EVER played! The networking is good and the opportunities run deep if you are focused, consistent and deliver…among other things.
Running into a Facebook friend Dr. Michael Rocha at BVO (Big Value Oulet) turned into something more when I realized I was also already a degree in contact with him through his his two sons in my painting sessions. The doctor and I have met a few times and there are BIG PLANS in the future for the Boys & Girls Club of Greater New Bedford and myself in the near future! What I didn’t know is that I’d end up working with the lovely and talented entrepreneur Tracy Barbosa (who has had her daughter in my last Gesture Drawing & Comics classes)! Class was in session for me as there were two major projects we needed to tackle! Along with being in the 2016 EforAll ACCELERATOR PROGRAM, June proved to be the month that things kicked up SEVERAL NOTCHES!

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EforAll’s 2016 Summer Accelerator Program – Orientation and Program Overview

The VERY BEGINNING of the 2016 ACCELERATOR PROGRAM had us off and running! I have the pleasure of being associated with members of the previous cohort. I just about interviewed a couple of them, lucky for me the next brain I was going to pick was our speaker for the day, Man Of The Hour, Aaron Wilson of LEAD THE BASELINE!

“Lead the Baseline helps people establish their baseline and teaches practical leadership skills, growing people into the leaders they want to be.”

– Aaron Wilson

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EforAll’s 2016 Summer Accelerator Program – Mentor Matching Magic

The fortune of being in the 2016 SUMMER ACCELERATOR Program will be established in this first paragraph. There was NO application fee (Free to apply). NO financed payments for THREE top notch mentors (Free guidance, advice & support). The intensive workshops twice a week (Free as a Jay bird). The word “free” began to bother me the more it popped up in my mind, because its connotation doesn’t give ANY value. I felt lucky before, but now I realized the information and tailored attention I’m being given in this program is PRICELESS!!!

There are SO MANY personal correlations and relationships that got me interested. I REEEALLY wanted in once I saw how it sharpened and polished people I considered sharp and polished. The MAIN draw is the custom mentoring from SUCCESSFUL PROFESSIONALS who are choosing to give their time and expertise to help me get the focus and edge I need to be a successful entrepreneur. Many of these mentors are locals, which for my business make a BIG DIFFERENCE!

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The Creative Oasis: Youth Art Project MAKES IT HAPPEN!!! Part I

I consider serving my community as an obligation for making a living here. It’s doing my part to contribute to the sustainability of the community AND conservation of the culture.

Whatever sings to you DO IT…TODAY!!! I will confess I had NO IDEA what I was doing, but I was compelled and for the FIRST TIME, I REEEEEALLY followed through with a BIG project of my own AND had measurable success. The reward was in the service to the underprivileged and at-risk youth of New Bedford, BUT also in creating a KICK-ASS team of artists and young people. There was PLENTY of joy in seeing what the CREATIVE OASIS: YOUTH ARTS PROJECT meant to those who needed it!

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The month of April is going to be a busy month for the HUSTLE FOOT CLAN. Kicking off the month of April will be Gallery X’s CLOTHING OPTIONAL EXHIBITION and the DRAWN OUT OF LIFE Fundraiser! BOTH will be taking place Saturday April 9th! Closing out the month from Monday, April 18th – Friday 22nd, will be the CREATIVE OASIS: YOUTH ART PROJECT, where local artists will be teaching fine arts to the youth of New Bedford for FREE!!! This program is being implemented to offer creative and constructive options for the youth. Any time in the street is ENOUGH time to get in trouble.

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Protect Your Hustle at ALL COSTS!!!

I don’t care WHAT kind of start you had to this year OR how you ended the last…the HUSTLE is the same. So we CAN’T STOP!!! I’m not, and I’m only draggin’ folks for so long till I GOTTA GO!!! It’s ALL about the FLASH these days for me! I FEEL the Speed Force in me, with all the crackling lightening coursing through and around me! I can’t stay still…I CAN’T!!! The Hustle I speak of is the urgent need to fulfill a purpose, the one you were meant for. The side effects are the acute need to serve your purpose above yourself, and intelligently stride towards goals that light a path so you don’t have to slow down aka The Hustle Foot. The now embedded  lesson learned last year in reflection was to guard the momentum of the Hustle generated. NOW you’re playing with POWER!!!

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So, here we are. Wondering how this weather is STILL so GREAT!!! It’s HARD to believe we’re getting what we deserve after last year’s GREAT WHITEOUT!!! I DO NOT think this is what the Farmer’s Almanac predicted, but I’m not mad at it! Drumming the curse away must have some GREAT residual after effects, in conjunction with the portal to the Lost City we’re holding open for ALL of New Bedford and ALL this message will reach to see! We invite you to Gallery X‘s FIRST show of the year RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARTS: JOURNEY TO ATLANTIS!!! This Saturday February 6th at 7 p.m. be prepared to view some exquisite eclectic flavor with this Atlantean display. Many of the pieces are FOR SALE (relatively curse free)!!! This time YOU are the RAIDERS!!!

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