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“ARGHHH…This stupid phone is messed up!” OR “This computer doesn’t work right!” and the popular “Can’t trust this (insert whatever your items) to work right”, and let’s not forget “There’s ALWAYS something wrong with these things!” Ahhh yes, but due to arrogance we forget…maybe it’s YOU. That’s ALWAYS the common denominator, isn’t it? Many folks, those I Love included, have issues taking responsibility for many situations that go awry…some more than others (of course). The blame is ALWAYS someone or something else…till maturity settles in and we silently resolve the issue. I do it too.

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Saying Farewell Is ALWAYS Hard

No art talk. No bragging on the City. More on a reflective tip. It’s been some time since I’ve been to a family funeral. There’s a LOT of life in all the BIG personalities in my Family. This past weekend our family said it’s formal goodbye to the family matriarch Marie Louise Amarant Lamarre. She lived to be 102 and a half years old. About 10 years after the first car was created and only a decade plus into the last century was she born. She lived an extremely colorful life, as I piece together, and hear more and more stories of her encounters with  SOOO MANY as TATOUTE…aunt to all (translated from Haitian Creole).

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It’s NOT Where You’re From, It’s Where You’re At! Part Two

I thought that there would be a challenge to writing about the Art Life and all of its Glory in a consistent manner. I was right. BUT the challenge is rewarding. Organizing my thoughts and processing them through pictures and perspectives has been a step up in my professional growth. Living here in the Lovely City of New Bedford also makes it pretty easy. I take a LOT of pictures in a week! So, I wanted to put together some of my photos up before the year passes, and the events come back around! Most of these events I happen to run into, seldom have I planned to go to something. I’m plotting on putting the “art game” in a choke hold, so I don’t get out as much as I’d like. The City looks out for me though!

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ArtMoblie 2015…Week Five (Personal Place Mats – Favorite Foods)


I LOVE EATING!!! You know you do too! Hey, we ALL have to do it to live…might as well ENJOY IT!!! Seeing what kinds of foods kids like, it no wonder Ma & Pa Raffas, Dominoes and Cumbie’s are making a living slinging pizza! You can see for yourself! There’s a pretty good variety of other foods they had in mind once the subject came up! My food world has been HEAVILY impacted by the linguica alone (there’s a host of other foods)! Never had it before these last two years, but I’m making up for it. I thought I had my undercover foodie badge protected, but the Portuguese and Cape Verde influence on food around here had other plans.

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