What I do

On this page I’ll explain my process to painting. As of writing this I have only been painting for about a year and a half. Painting was a “final frontier” kinda thin until a friend challenged me not to wait for retirement to paint, so I accepted the challenge. With no formal training or solid knowledge of color theory I was a bit intimidated by learning this new medium, so I treated it like something I was familiar with in order to gain the momentum in confidence I needed to educate myself. Removing emotional judgement is critical in me learning ANYTHING new, and that began at an early age. I noticed if I didn’t get caught up in “it doesn’t look right” I could move it in the direction I needed without a cloud of judgement getting in the way. I’ve been drawing before I knew how to write letters or numbers, my earliest memories of playtime are with pencil and paper. My goal was to achieve the comfort level I had with a pencil. I began treating the paintbrushes like pencils and only worked with black and white Grumbacher paints to keep the extra variable of color out of the mix. It served me well.


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