WHere it all Began

My earliest memories are with pencil, paper and a deep curiosity in mimicking imagery. I feel most have the same curiosity, mine stuck with me till today. I’m very comfortable with a pencil and graphite, but MAGIC happens when I use my non-photo blue #9 mechanical pencils.

I’ve ALWAYS had a hardcore love for comic books and I hope in the near future to put out a few of my concepts. The most respected position is The Penciler, in my humble opinion! This person is the creative flow that brings life and style to the story. I love writers too, but the person pushin’ pencils to create imagery is the meat and potatoes. Don’t get it twisted, I’ll sit through some simple or ‘meh artwork for a kick-ass story arc. Not even the greatest art can keep me coming back if the tale is weak.

0012 Work Sketches 09

the other side

Working in pencil allowed me to correct and shade, making it easy to build contrast and add detail. I wanted to draw what I saw or created in my imagination. Through all that thought I realized there was a world behind my eyes that I had complete control over. Playing with this imagination created a love for myself I’m not sure I would have found elsewhere. It gave me the confidence to be myself when I wanted to be someone else. I found something to Love myself for and that has brought me more Peace than you can imagine.

Working with ball point pens and ink tested my confidence. The real lesson is I remove judgement and use curiosity to motivate faster learning. So, ink is more of a game so I don’t take it so seriously! If I get all negatively emotional then I’m blocking myself from learning. I will admit I do use positive progress to inspire more momentum. For me, frustration just means I’m not quite comfortable with where I am compared to where I want to be.