keep ya head up

Confidence is a key in approaching ANY piece of art I’m creating. Many times I’m absolutely convinced I cannot create something and then I must work against myself even before getting started. The key is right there in GETTING STARTED! I traveled for years with the paints I created my first paintings with. They weren’t even mine! Till one day I gathered the courage and NEEDED to get something done. For some projects showing up can be the hardest part but there is no other way to get started.I’ve heard of artists finding difficulty in creating when they are “happy.” Some need to dig into negative emotion to get results. I was kinda like that in my younger years, but as I worked on my professionalism I realized I needed to be “creative-on-demand.” Needing anything to be inspired and being professional were on opposite side of getting things done.


Sometimes I need to fake it before I make it in order to leave the limiting beliefs at bay.

No Judgement Zone

Removing the judgement helps me look for what I need to make the proper adjustments with critical thinking instead of the more volatile emotional thinking. I’m a sensitive dude, so if I get all emotional I will likely not be as productive or efficient. Sometimes I need to fake it before I make it in order to leave the limiting beliefs at bay. the more I do it the easier it’s gotten.

The First of the ambassadors

2013-09-16 00.23.03
Painting progression (bob marley)

The Challenge

mother_teresa_trad_art_pgThe most difficult of my earliest paintings was Mother Teresa. The changes I needed to make to move the likeness back into a more successful rendering tested my abilities to navigate through my negative emotions successfully. Luckily, I had a few paintings finished before her so I had those to fall back on. Most people like myself, give up too soon! Persistence is a good friend of mine. So many times it has taught me to see things through to the very end. Basically, I learned to get over myself.

Painting progression (mother Teresa)