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Attitude Adjustment Series – 3 Ways to Learn, Know & Increase Your Value

Hey, this might be my last post for the year, huh!?! HAPPY HOLIDAYS Y’ALL!!! I wish I could hug all of ya’! As 2016 and my second favorite holiday (NEW YEAR’S DAY) approach I realize it’s a wrap, Folks! Yet another year we get to claim as lived through, and it treated me well! I’ve covered a LOT of ground, learned a LOT, painted on my fair share of canvas, and took my public involvement up several notches. I have HUGE plans and announcements opening up the year and I have a TON to sort out and plan. BUT, I also make it a habit to look at old work to gain perspective from past years. So, for the Resolutions being considered, I have whipped up the last installment of the ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT SERIES based in Value!

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The Catapult Projects

There are jobs we take to make money and there are jobs we take for the Love. Mixed in there are those gem projects that you’d do for free, but the Universe makes it a paid gig AND you get ALL THE EXPOSURE YOU DESERVE!!! I call those Catapult Projects! These projects, I feel, are rewards for following the right path (for yourself). These projects are the supports for you to get to that next level, as they test your resolve, skill and dedication to your goals! If your not ready, get ready. Once opportunity swings by, ONLY IF YOU’RE READY will it be able to be considered luck. Otherwise, it’s just another missed opportunity. If you’re not getting prepared for something, you’re gonna be late for everything.

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Attitude Adjustment Series – 3 Tips to Eliminating Half-Assery

Y’all know what it is! Don’t play dumb. We ALL half-ass SOMETHING! Usually, it’s the things we don’t want to do. Most the times it’s the things we need to do. Why not do it and get it out of the way? Better yet, why aren’t you doing it…to get it done. I’m not going to act like I don’t do it too. BUT, I’ve figured out how to do it a LOT less, and get more done!

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Attitude Adjustment Series – Learn How To Get Up!

The post USER ERROR, and a conversation with a mentor got me to thinking. I considered the difference in myself now, and just a few years ago. It didn’t take long till I was able to boil it down to excuses. I’m as creative with them as I am with art. Excuses, big & small, will keep you away from your goals no matter how GREAT your outlook on life is. Accepting them into your life as the norm, is like taking a small dose of dream killer. It doesn’t hurt right away, it lulls you with immediate gratification and a lack of discipline. It’s not until you look back and see how much time was wasted NOT chasing the adventure of your Life.

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Attitude Adjustment Series – How To Live In Gratitude

The holiday season is upon us and where the HELL did the year go? Right!?! HAPPY THANKSGIVING, Y’ALL!!!

Since we’re all up in the holiday of Thankfulness, why not carry out the notion into ALL of our days, huh? I make it a point to be grateful…daily. This is not some instinctual reaction I have to the World, I learned it. Even better, I taught it to myself (One of only a few things outside of art)! I live in Gratitude by keeping a healthy perspective about Life. Here’s how I do it! I’m NOT going to challenge you to make a list for X amount of time. Life’s too interactive for that approach. Careful, you may need to step outside of your comfort zone.

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Creative Oasis – Logo Design

For MANY MANY moons I’ve been known as a graphic designer. Many, except for the Lovely City of New Bedford, know me as a graphic designer. Recently, I had to go back to those digital design roots…for me! It’s coming in handy these days to be able to knock out some promo stuff for myself and kinda lay low, but the game ALWAYS finds a way to drag me in. This CREATIVE OASIS: YOUTH ARTS PROJECT came almost out of nowhere, and has been more than spoken into existence, it’s almost creating itself!

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MO’ MONEY!!! MO’ MONEY!!! MO’ MONEY!!! Painting With A Splash! – Part II


This one goes out to my BIG TIPPERS (and all other tippers too)!!! This is an overdue post so I’ll get right back to it! THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!! For all those who have and will throw me something extra…HERE’S TO YOU!!! You are appreciated! As a traditional artist and art instructor, I don’t hold down a regular 9 to 5 gig like in my graphic design days in Cali. I go class to class, session to session, project to project, check to check, hustling ALL OVER the Lovely City of New Bedford (and neighboring areas) for my piece of the pie! And I LOVE IT!!! I feel like I’m out hunting, I guess I am really, huh? Scouring the lands, plotting on coming up! So, when kind souls offer up some extra scratch for a good time…I’m GLOWING! I’m LIVIN’ FOR THE CITY and I do Love when the City kicks something back!!!

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“ARGHHH…This stupid phone is messed up!” OR “This computer doesn’t work right!” and the popular “Can’t trust this (insert whatever your items) to work right”, and let’s not forget “There’s ALWAYS something wrong with these things!” Ahhh yes, but due to arrogance we forget…maybe it’s YOU. That’s ALWAYS the common denominator, isn’t it? Many folks, those I Love included, have issues taking responsibility for many situations that go awry…some more than others (of course). The blame is ALWAYS someone or something else…till maturity settles in and we silently resolve the issue. I do it too.

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I Like To Move It – Move It…AROUND!!!

I consider myself a man of action…lately. Mainly, because I keep it (me) moving! I give myself that credit because I know how I once was, and why. My mother considered me lazy, but my high school, Donald Jackson was more accurate in saying I was slow…like slow motion. Follow me around, these days, and you’ll likely agree, I keeps it mooovin’. It’s the difference between waiting for something to happen OR making something happen. I often mess up because I’m doing too much…but at least I’m doing something!

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Saying Farewell Is ALWAYS Hard

No art talk. No bragging on the City. More on a reflective tip. It’s been some time since I’ve been to a family funeral. There’s a LOT of life in all the BIG personalities in my Family. This past weekend our family said it’s formal goodbye to the family matriarch Marie Louise Amarant Lamarre. She lived to be 102 and a half years old. About 10 years after the first car was created and only a decade plus into the last century was she born. She lived an extremely colorful life, as I piece together, and hear more and more stories of her encounters with  SOOO MANY as TATOUTE…aunt to all (translated from Haitian Creole).

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